Real Estate Tip of the Day November 14, 2013

Pay attention to what’s behind that curtain, door or cabinet in your Bathrooms. When it’s time to get your home sold, a homeowner can often be mistaken when they think that the prospective Buyers won’t look in certain places. For example, in your Bathroom’s shower, don’t be fooled, as Buyers will look wherever they can […]

Real Estate Tip of the Day Nov 7, 2013

Don’t let the Buyer think your home space is too small or lacking in space. When the time comes to sell a home, many homeowners are always looking for some good Real Estate tips in order to get their home sold.  You’ll find this home selling tip below helpful in getting your home ready to […]

Do you price your home to negotiate?

Do you price your home to negotiate? Often, homeowners who want to sell a home will ask me how they should price their home. More often then not, they want to price their home higher to allow room for negotiation. Price your home to negotiate and you’ll get just; Buyers negotiating, that result in the […]

Take the High Road when selling your home

Take the High Road when selling your home.   Consulting with homeowners selling their home here in South Florida always includes my advice for them to take the high road when they’re ready to sell their home, which refers to disclosure; disclosing any known issues with their home.   Find out what you need to […]

Are you selling your home? What can you control?

Are you selling your Home? What can you control? When you’re trying to sell your home here in Coral Springs and South Florida, there are two components that a homeowner controls: Condition and Price. These must be viewed as through the eyes of a Buyer’s next home; what are the Buyers expectations? Condition – Statistically, […]