Pay attention to what’s behind that curtain, door or cabinet in your Bathrooms. When it’s time to get your home sold, a homeowner can often be mistaken when they think that the prospective Buyers won’t look in certain places. For example, in your Bathroom’s shower, don’t be fooled, as Buyers will look wherever they can get themselves into and they’ll look closely in every spot of your Bathroom pulling back that shower curtain to see the condition of your tile and grout.

They will: Pull back that shower curtain. Pull open that shower door and Peer deeply into your Bathroom’s cabinets.


Buyers are going to peek inside to see what all these places reveal so, clean the shower/tub grout, stack & organize the cabinets and never make the mistake in thinking that Buyers won’t go there, as they will.

Real Estate Tip of the Day November 14, 2013 IYH

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