Knock Knock – What does your front door say?!


Knock Knock . . . what’s inside? Did you think I was going to tell you a “Knock Knock, who’s there” joke? No, not now! Sorry.  But we are going to talk about knocking on your Front Door.


It’s time to sell your home. Have you thought about your Front Door? What does your front door say to prospective Buyers? A Buyer arrives to take a closer look at your home that is listed for sale – Are they excited about walking over your door’s threshold to see what’s inside?


You certainly want them to be excited. Get ’em at the front door!!  How can you do that?


Go ahead and try this yourself; exit your home through the front door, turn around and what do you see?



If the answer to any of these questions are “Yes”, then I’d recommend that you remove the dirt, grime and cobwebs. Paint your door or replace it. Replace your door handle. Replace or tighten missing screws. Plant brightly colored, lovely, living plants in fresh new pots near your door. Replace your welcome mat, so it really does welcome visitors. If your home has a front porch be sure to stage it to show your porch to be a place where memories are created while relaxing on your porch.


Some of these things to do are nothing other than a little elbow grease whereas, the others may require a little investment to make your front door stand out and get ’em at the door!


It’s all about having prospective Buyers smile while their eyebrows are raised in complete satisfaction when they approach your home to see how beautiful your home’s entryway appears. Now they’re really excited to find out what lies beyond your front door. If the inside of your home looks as nice as your front door entryway, you better have your pen in hand ready to sign the Buyer’s offer to purchase your home!

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  1. I always recommend homeowners to make certain the front door looks good. The front door can say a lot about a home. Thank about it. When the sellers agent is fiddling with the lock box hung on front door the potential buyer is making their minds up if they like the home or not. Curb appeal can be the difference between a sale or an expired listing.

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