imagine selling your home – what’s it like?

Tired of simply imagining what it would be like to sell you home? Are you asking, “Tell me how!” Here is how we get there:

Analyzing your home’s local Real Estate Market – this is a critical first step, as your homemust be priced right to compete favorable with other homes for sale based upon current market trends,  what has sold in your neighborhood and who is your active competition. Where will your home’s price point fit ideally for a fast sale at

top dollar?

Getting your home ready to sell – preparation is key in anything we do and this isn’t any different when trying to sell your South Florida home. Your home needs to be spic and span clean. Fix any of those little needed repairs that you’ve neglected to do over time; the last thing you want a Buyer to think, is that you’ve neglected the home they’re thinking about buying.  Do each of the rooms in your home have a clearly defined purpose easily known when Buyer sees the room or is it a hodge podge of purposes? Do your rooms allow for an easy flow through them with how your furniture is arranged? Make sure the flow runs easy like a river with no white water rapids (pieces of furniture) along the way interrupting flow.  Could your walls benefit from a fresh coat of neutral pleasing colors? Are you busting at the seems because you don’t have enough storage space? By all means, don’t let a prospective Buyer think your home doesnn’t have enough storage for them; clean out your cupboards and closets and ship boxes off to an off-site storage facility if you must. Remove everything attached to your refrigerator including your family momentos and don’t forget the same goes for your walls. I know, you hate to do that, as we adore our loved ones but, it’s really important for the prospective Buyers to envision their loved ones in  your homes and you’d be amazed by how many people just can’t get past your loved ones to imagine their loved ones.

Finding the Perfect Buyer – Without a perfect Buyer you won’t be able to sell your home. What’s nice now is that most South Florida neighborhoods are experiencing a Seller’a Market.  A Sellers Market makes selling a home favorable for Sellers. The inventory of homes is less than a 6 months supply and in many it’s only about a 2 months supply. We’ll see that when a home hits the market here in Coral Springs and many other cities in South Florida as a new home for sale and the home has been priced right, you’re going to see an onslaught of Buyers viewing the home with the likelihood of multiple offers and even offers coming in above the home’s list price. This Seller’s Market also requires that Buyers have their P’s and Q’s in order too, as they know they must stick out from their competition; other Buyers. How do they do that and what should you demand as the Seller of the home they want to buy? If they’re financing, we’ll make sure that they have a strong Pre Approval letter indicating that their Credit, Assets and Debt have been reviewed and that they have the needed cash to close. Their Lender must review their credit report, bank statements, pay stubs and tax returns to issue a “Pre Approval”. Of course, this doesn’t guarantee Final Loan Commitment however your odds will be a lot more favorable with having gone through this step, up front: Important step. If they’re paying cash, you want to make sure they have a statement that reflects readily available cash and not monies tied up inside investments as you want to see liquid cash and investment values can fluctuate greatly. Also, make sure their account statement is in their name and not somebody else; seems like a no-brainer doesn’t it but, you’d be amazed at the number of times I’ve received these Proof of Funds (POF) statements with different names on it other than the Buyers name!

We’ll also look for favorable contingencies such as inspection periods and loan commitment times. We don’t want to see the maximum allowed times that come with a contract such as 15 days for an inspection; if the Buyer wants their offer to stick out they should be offering 5-7 days to complete their inspections.  Same goes with Buyer providing a loan commitment where contract allows max of 30 days; a smart Buyer will offer 15-20 days commitment time period.

So as you can see here, from just a few recommended Home Selling tips, you can go from “imagine selling your home” to  being able to experience Selling your home in South Florida: a good thing!

I’ll make it happen. Let me help you with selling your home in Coral Springs and anywhere is South Florida. From analyzing your home’s local Real Estate market, to getting your home ready to sell, right through to finding the “Perfect Buyer” and getting your home sold, so you can go from imagining selling your home to actually getting your home sold. Call me now to get started or if you have questions first at 954-464-110 or Email at:



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