Are you selling your Home? What can you control?
When you’re trying to sell your home here in Coral Springs and South Florida, there are two components that a homeowner controls: Condition and Price. These must be viewed as through the eyes of a Buyer’s next home; what are the Buyers expectations?

Condition – Statistically, homes in better condition will sell as a higher percentage of the list price. Homes in good condition are going to appeal to more Buyers thus, dictating premium prices. Poor condition homes will sell for less and not at a premium.

What can be done to improve a home’s condition?

  1. Beautify a home’s curb appeal by manicuring landscaping, cleaning walkways/windows/roof and removing any trash
  2. Fix any known repairs such as roof, plumbing, flooring, etc.
  3. Stage a home for optimum flow, letting the Buyer know how to use each room
  4. Have it sparkling clean as nothing can improve a home’s condition better than making sure it shines which will cost the least amount for improvement
Price – There are a number of factors that contribute to how a home will be priced for sale. This will aid in the pricing of a home for sale.
What is up for discussion when setting a home’s selling price?
  1. Condition of home, as discussed above
  2. Location to include considerations such as for school district
  3. Upgrades and features of home
  4. How many homes for sale is your home competing with?
  5. What has recently sold, typically within the last 3 months, located in geographical proximity to your home?
  6. How motivated are you, the Seller?

If you get these two things right, a Seller will have greater chances of selling their home for fewer days on the market and a price closer to the List price. Let’s get it sold!

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