Top 10 Joys of a Short Sale

  Top 10 Joys of a Short Sale. Yes, you heard me, “Joys”     Acknowledging that you must sell your home to avoid foreclosure; denial ends and relief begins Hiring a REALTOR, well qualified, to sell your home as a Short Sale; you’ve got an advocate on your side A Buyer presents an offer […]

Selling your home in Coral Springs

 Selling your home in Coral Springs or South Florida? Or perhaps your buying your home in Coral Springs or South Florida?  Welcome to Imagine your House  where we talk about the South Florida Real Estate market providing selling tips and buying tips to make sure your real estate experience has the best chance for success! Are you looking for […]

Poignant anxiety vanished

   Poignant anxiety vanished! Thanks to a South Florida Short Sale being approved.  So what’s the history of this Short Sale?  We tried to sell the home as a Traditional Real Estate sale as we weren’t $100’s of thousands of dollars upside down so we thought, just maybe, we’ll be lucky. Well luck ran out and on […]