Top 10 Joys of a Short Sale. Yes, you heard me, “Joys”


  1. Acknowledging that you must sell your home to avoid foreclosure; denial ends and relief begins
  2. Hiring a REALTOR, well qualified, to sell your home as a Short Sale; you’ve got an advocate on your side
  3. A Buyer presents an offer to purchase your Short Sale home; Constant showings interrupting life stops
  4. Daily home cleaning stops; no longer needed without Buyers coming in daily; more time for you to relax
  5. Lender approves the Short Sale of your home
  6. Lender relieves you of any deficiency; the difference between mortgage balance and sales price
  7. Buyer receives commitment for financing or Buyer is paying cash
  8. Closing takes place; Phone calls, letters, worries are a thing of the past
  9. No more worrying about the A/C that stops cooling, the Oven that stops heating or the Roof that starts leaking
  10. Hope…Hope that you’ll have the American Dream again.



 Mortgage Assistance Relief Services Disclosure

Keller Williams Partners Realty is not associated with the government and our services have not been approved by the government or your Lender. If you stop paying your mortgage you could lose your home and damage your credit. Your Lender may not agree to the change of your loan and/or a Short Sale.With a Short Sale, there are no guarantees offered and we cannot provide legal advice. Seek legal advice.

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