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Selling a Home


Smart ideas to sell my home

Selling a home is all about incorporating the right ideas into the home selling game plan. Everybody and everything seems to have a game plan, a strategy to get something done. Hey, we’re in Football season where it’s all about game plans. Who is your favorite? What NFL team has the best game plans? Well, selling a home requires a game plan too.  Today, I’m going to talk about some really smart ideas to selling a home. Let’s cross that closing, finish line.


“ A few plays decide each football game ” – Vince Lombardi


Play out these ideas below and you’ll be sure to win the game of selling a home.


Smart Idea #1

You want to make sure that you want to sell your home and you’re not wishy washy about your decision to sell.


You need to make up your mind, be confident in your decision to sell and start the process.

Selling a home is not always an easy decision. There are a lot of factors that go into selling a home and a really huge factor are your emotions and letting go.  Flashback to those countless memorable family meals or perhaps little Joey’s first bike ride down the driveway. The list of good times likely goes on and on as they’re etched in your memory. Savor those moments as they can never be taken from you, however when you’ve decided to sell your home, you must now put them aside and base your decisions to selling a home on solid home selling advice not clouded by memories.

This is a critical first step. Decision to sell made. Do what it takes to sell. Save yourself the agony.

Smart Idea #2

Realize that little things do matter.

It’s true! A shiny new Kitchen sink. A new Kitchen faucet. How about new knobs on your Kitchen cabinets? What could you do in your home’s Kitchen? Repair those things around your home that you’ve been meaning to do. All of these little things matter because they can make the difference in how appealing your home may be to a prospective home Buyer. And, because they’re “little” they won’t necessarily break the budget, yet will take you closer to selling your home. The costs associated with these things can amount to getting a Buyer interested for a lot less money than what you would potentially give up in price due to your home being seen as less than desirable.

Little things are key when you want big things to happen.

Smart Idea #3

Consider a Pre-Listing home inspection.

Know before you sell. Selling a home with smart ideas

Be prepared on what a Buyer’s home Inspection would reveal. Taking care of needed home repairs will always save you money before a Buyer comes to you and tells you what repairs are needed. If a Buyer’s home Inspector’s repair estimate is between $300-$500, what estimate do you think the Buyer will use when requesting money from you in order to make the repair? Yes, you guessed it, they’ll estimate it high at $500; you immediately lost $200! Don’t let them haggle with you, take care of it before when you’ve completed your own home inspection.  Or if you don’t want to take care of the items highlighted in your home Inspector’s reveal, then simply note the items on your Seller’s Property Disclosure and price accordingly so any home Buyers know what needs fixing and therefore has been reflected in the price of your home’s selling price.

Makes you ready for the Buyer’s attempt to reduce your home’s sale price.

Smart Idea #4

Trust who you hire to sell your home.

Oh, does it ever matter! Ask the right questions. Hire the right Realtor. Do your research to find out more about the Realtor you’re considering hiring.  How long have they been selling homes? How long does it take them to sell a home: in other words, how fast do they sell homes? What have their customers said about them? How do the Realtors demonstrate their knowledge? Can you read Real Estate articles where they advise home Sellers how to get their home sold? Reading published content from a Realtor can be very revealing as to their trustworthiness. Trust is a must and if you don’t trust your current Realtor, time to find a new one.

Delivering on Real Estate promises are essential.

Smart Idea #5

Price your home based upon fair market value and not upon how you feel about your home.

Buyers will only pay fair market value for your home. Buyers do not have the emotional attachment that you have in your home, therefore you cannot attach any market value to such a feeling. There are practical and sound ways in which to price a home for sale that your Realtor will employ to get your home sold. Your Realtor should be skilled at pricing homes to sell. Simply listing your home for sale higher than market value will have it languishing on the market for weeks and months on end, only to further devalue your home with price reductions needed.  Don’t be a statistic where home Sellers chase the market. Price it right at the onset!  There are ways and methods in which to value a home and unfortunately, feelings don’t factor in.

Through your Realtor’s reason you’d be wise to control your emotions to get your home sold.

Smart Idea #6

Don’t brush anything under the rug.

Hiding imperfections about your home can prove costly in time, money and even jail! Never think that you can hide any problems about your home. If you know something about your home that could affect it’s value, you need to inform your Realtor and any prospective Buyer.

Seller’s written disclosure requirements about the home they’re selling may vary by state, yet advising of what you know that may affect its value isn’t optional.

Selling a home requires that you fess up anything that you know about it, particularly if what you know may affect its value.

Plan on confessing any prior repairs or current conditions to avoid problems now or in the future after you sell your home.

Dirty little house secrets

Smart Idea #7

Make sure prospective Buyers are well qualified, financially, to buy your home.

Find out your Realtor’s method to assure this.

Nothing is worse than accepting a Buyer’s offer to buy your home only to later find out they can’t qualify to secure a mortgage.

Any prospective home Buyer should have gone through a detailed mortgage Pre-Approval process that enables them to convey confidence in the ability to buy your home.

Get it in writing. Get all the details of their financial ability. Don’t accept a casual conversation had with their Lender.

Smart Idea #8

Be well informed about the home selling process.

Get educated. Understand. Anticipate. And know what to expect.

It’s important to know what to anticipate when you sell a home.  Knowing what to expect will result in a much smoother process with a better home selling outcome.

From initial preparation, to home showings, to the Buyer’s offer, their inspections, appraisals and getting to the closing table, it’s best to be in the know. Your Realtor will advise you on what to expect.

Reduce your level of anxiety by understanding the home selling process.


Smart Idea #9

Make your home sparkle before it hits the market for sale.

Sparkle can immediately generate Buyer interest and higher dollar.  Don’t open up the curtains to your home until your home has been thoroughly prepared in anticipation and expectation of genuine Buyer interest.

Sparkle usually doesn’t entail huge sums of money, but rather huge determination, commitment and elbow grease to get your home ready to sell.


Smart Idea #10

Know that your home sale will cover your costs.

Don’t let a surprise hit you at closing where you’re asked to bring money to closing! There are a number of costs associated with selling a home and to avoid any of those nightmare closing surprises, make sure you understand up front what it is that you can expect to pay to sell a home.  Your Realtor should provide you with an estimate of your closing costs that go beyond the commission that you pay to sell a home.

Get it covered when selling a home.

Finishing up in the closing end zone.

These really are smart ideas to get your home selling game plan over the finish line, don’t you think?! These will most certainly put you a position of strength.

Home selling really doesn’t have to be full of gaps, yet it’s important to understand the tough plays too. Simply put into practice these smart ideas and you’ll be on your way to handing the keys off to a happy new home Buyer and cross over into the closing end zone having sold your home fast.


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