How to Avoid the Horror in Selling a Home

horrors of home selling

A Story of Selling your home   Names and faces were changed to protect the innocent [and embarrassed]. The story as revealed by homeowners selling a home.   Michael and Karen Oroley had raised their children, Christopher and Ashley in their family home located in Southeast Florida. Now that the kids have grown and moved […]

Decoding Buyer Feedback when Selling a Home

  Decoding Buyer Feedback when Selling a Home   You’ve just listed your home for sale after careful preparation. You’re all set to sweep a Buyer off their feet. The electronic lock box is on the front door, your phone rings and the showing service announces your first showing after 10 days on the market. […]

4 Methods to Selling A Home – Which Works Best?

Selling a home Selling a home can be a favorable experience. You don’t have to experience the less than favorable experiences that you hear from friends and family nor those stories you’ve read across the internet.  However, like anything it’s important to choose wisely. Do your homework.  Know what the home selling process entails and […]

What steps are involved in selling a home?

Steps to selling a home   A great question that many homeowners, considering selling their home, want to know; what steps are involved in selling a home? Knowing the home selling process is half the battle when selling a home; the other half of the battle I’ll save for another article. And knowing what steps are […]