Poignant anxiety vanished

   Poignant anxiety vanished! Thanks to a South Florida Short Sale being approved.  So what’s the history of this Short Sale?  We tried to sell the home as a Traditional Real Estate sale as we weren’t $100’s of thousands of dollars upside down so we thought, just maybe, we’ll be lucky. Well luck ran out and on […]

Have you gotten tired of robbing Peter to pay Paul?

 Times are tough, no doubt. As each new month approaches with another mortgage payment due with the very real possibility of you missing your next mortgage payment, you wonder who can you rob to pay your mortgage payment? Not literally are you thinking of robbing somebody even though tough times do bring on an increase […]

Coral Springs Short Sale straight talk

….Really what is the talk all about Short Sales and why should I sell my house as a Short Sale?  Good Question. Every once in a while it’s important to clear the air on what has been circulating and set things straight again.  Let’s talk straight Short Sale Talk….ignoring talk that is shot from the […]