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As a Home Seller who has gone through a Buyer’s inspection of your home, we all know those unwanted surprises that are revealed by the Buyer’s licensed Home Inspector.  What is revealed can often be quite alarming and have even been known to halt a home sale in it’s tracks.

Selling a home? Inspect first


I recently asked a few, well qualified Home Inspectors to touch on some items to look for and anticipate when the time has come for you to sell your home.  It can be a good idea to even perform an inspection before you sell your home by fixing any needed repairs, before a Buyer’s Inspector alerts you to any such problems.  This can also save you money;  what you pay for the repairs, as a home Seller, will likely be less than what a Buyer will want from you, where they often add a little added monetary cushion.


Continue reading below to discover a few items to anticipate during a home inspection.

The first section is from Mike Chamberlain, a licensed Home Inspector serving Indianapolis, IN metro area and Owner of MC2 Home Inspections LLC. Mike talks to us about a few common issues to consider that he runs across in home inspections.

Mike says:

“What should sellers look for and or repair prior to selling

It all starts up top and that starts with the roof. Mounting the roof is typically not necessary. A homeowner can usually perform a decent inspection of their own roof from a ladder. Any damaged, broken or missing shingles should be repaired or replaced by a licensed roofing contractor. Typical cost (depending on size of area needing repair) $300.00 to $600.00.

How about the chimney? If the chimney is masonry, inspect the brick for any loose sections and inspect the mortar in between the bricks for any loose or open sections. If any issues are found, contact a licensed mason to perform the repairs. Typical cost (depending on what is needed) $200.00 to $500.00. Does the chimney have a rain cap? If not, moisture will find its way down the flue and can cause thousands of dollars in damage. Typical rain cap cost: $75.00 to $150.00.

Damaged or improperly sloped gutters (not sloped toward the downspout). This is a very common home inspection find and can be fixed easily by a licensed gutter contractor. Typical cost (depending on what is needed) $150.00 to $300.00. Tip: Make sure to clean out the gutters of any debris prior to the home inspection.

Now that the top is taken care of, how about the bottom? The grading around a home plays a significant role in protecting the homes foundation. In general, the grading around the home should slope away from the foundation at a minimum rate of 6” for the first 10’. This allows ground water to flow away from the home rather than toward it. Most home builders today do not compact the soil around the home (like they are supposed to) and as a result, the grade settles usually within a year or two after being built. If the grade around the home is flat or sloped in toward the home, foundation problems are imminent. This condition can typically be resolved inexpensively by adding fill dirt against the home (make sure to compact it) and creating a slope away from the foundation. Typical cost (if you do it yourself) $200.00 to $300.00. Sometimes building the grade up cannot be done due to inadequate clearance between the bottom of the siding and grade. There has to be a minimum of 6” clearance between the bottom of your siding and the actual grade (this helps prevent moisture wicking and termit”


Next, Fred Hagey a licensed Home Inspector serving Southeast Florida and President of Aries Home Inspection Service, Inc., talks to us about electrical panels in a home.

Fred says:

“Federal Pacific Electric was one of the most common manufacturers of electric panels in North America from the 1950’s to well into the 1980’s. Millions of these panels were installed in homes across the country. But as the years passed, experts have found that they often failed to provide proper protection.

Among other problems and design flaws with Federal Pacific panels, experts have found:

* They can overheat and become fire hazards

* Tripped breakers may still be active

* Breakers may unexpectedly trip

* Breakers may not trip

Avoid fire hazards. Inspect home

At one time, Zinsco panels were extremely popular and installed in many regions throughout North America. Most of these panels are obsolete today. Experts have found that certain Zinsco panels often fail to operate properly and may become a risk for both fire and electrical shock.

Production of Zinsco panels halted in the mid 1970’s. Some of the problems found with Zinsco panels are:

* Certain components contain aluminum

* The connection between the breakers and the bus bar is not always solid

* The bus bar may corrode easily

* Breakers in the off position may still be conducting power internally

Neither Federal Pacific or Zinsco panels wouldn’t be allowed to be sold today because they no longer pass current safety codes.

Should your home have either of these panels, an inspection by a licensed electrical contractor is advised.

Replacing one of these panels in an average size home would be approximately $1300-$1600.”


Thanks to Mike and Fred who provided great inspection advice.

So when you’re ready to sell your home, at a minimum, take a closer look at the items discussed above by our home inspectors.  Selling a home is all about selling it for top dollar and being able to walk away with having sold your home for the most money with a nice profit! Inspect your home a little closer, you’ll be glad you did

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