Why should I use a Real Estate Agent to sell my home?

This is a very common question that Real Estate Agents, like myself, are often asked by Home Sellers. A Real Estate Agent will matter, when you want to sell a home, for many reasons, I’ll discuss here. So let’s jump in.

Why should I use a Real Estate Agent to sell my home?

When you have been considering selling a home, you may have asked yourself, if you indeed, need a Real Estate Agent to sell your home. You’ve wondered, if you can sell your home and save yourself some money. This thought may be present in some Seller’s minds yet, it should simply be a fleeting, momentary thought. When you have worked very hard, saved money to purchase your home, often giving up other things you wanted, in order to pursue homeownership, you wouldn’t want to treat the selling of your home casually trying to embark on the task of selling a home when you are not a Real Estate Professional. By no means, am I saying that ALL Real Estate Agents should be treated as Professionals because, just like any Professional you’ll want to check their credentials and past performance on selling homes. A Professional possesses distinctive qualifications; someone who is an expert at her/his work. Just like you check a Doctor you visit when you have a health ailment, or a Tax Advisor when you need tax advice or an Attorney when you need legal advice and so on, you want to make sure the Real Estate Agent is a trusted Professional in their field.

So what is all the fuss about what a Real Estate Agent can do for you?

Did you know that a Real Estate licensee is licensed to practice Real Estate and that every few years they must take continuing education courses in order to have their license renewed? And most Professional Real Estate Agents who are dedicated to their profession are constantly seeking new and updated knowledge of the Real Estate Market.

If you hire a Real Estate Agent, what should you expect from one?

So when you say that it is time to sell my home, think twice when you think about going it alone, as a Professional, well-qualified Real Estate Agent will be worth it. Of course, you don’t want to be one of the stories you heard about regarding the horror Real Estate transaction, so make sure that you choose wisely. If you would like to hear some real stories from real people that I’ve represented in my Real Estate transactions, please visit my site and stroll down towards the bottom of the page to read the stories.

 This article was written by by Lynn Pineda, your Coral Springs Realtor and South Florida REALTOR® with Keller Williams Partners Realty.

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