The Secret to Selling a Home, revealed.

Is there a secret to selling a home?


Many will say “yes” and I have to agree. It starts by answering a lot of questions. Selling a home can always bring up a lot of questions by anxious Sellers trying to anticipate what to expect with the selling of their home.  I’m reminded of this by one of my recent customers who wanted to get their home sold here in South Florida. I had been referred to these customers by another family who I had helped to sell their home here in Coral Springs, Florida.


When we met for the first time their questions were overflowing; should they do this, what do you think about this, can we do this, what if this happens; all about their expectations.  It’s understood, and I’m always expecting a lot of questions from homeowners getting ready to sell a home.  As I toured the home with the homeowners,  we took a closer look into each room of the home determining what seemed just right and what needed to be changed for the home to be ready to sell.  These homeowners knew the importance of getting their home ready to be sold and ready to draw the Buyers in like a magnet!  After the tour, we sat down to go over what I recommended to be fixed and/or updated and what would be fine, just as it was, in its current condition.  


As we sat down at the Kitchen table, after touring their home, we then began to review the comparables of the neighborhood to come up with an effective list price to get their home sold fast and for top dollar. After the Coral Springs Real Estate market review was presented along with my insight, the homeowners agreed to my analysis of the local Real Estate market and to the list price, as I had recommended. We then completed the signing of the listing agreement paperwork.  Before I had even arrived for our scheduled meeting, I had sent them a digital listing presentation for them to know what to expect from me in my representation of them during the home selling process.

Photo Shoot for selling a home  

Over the next few weeks, they made arrangements to complete the work necessary to get their home ready to be sold and ready for photographs to be taken that would highlight their home in it’s best light. They spruced up with curb appeal, arranged furniture as to invite Buyers to want to take a seat, painted rooms, de cluttered, repaired & replaced items, and made their home sparkling clean.


They were now ready to reveal all their efforts and attention to detail through photographs. A time was set for the photo shoot, and we came ready to expose the prepared home to the pool of Buyers looking for a home to call their own within their price range. The photos were taken with every light being turned on in the home so as to be illuminated in its best light. What was to be the result of the photo shoot would be a beautiful presentation of a home for sale in Coral Springs of South Florida.  We were now ready to list the home for sale.

We now reached the point of the home selling process where the home could now be presented to all potential Buyers; the home was listed for sale. Like a much anticipated new movie that hit the local theatre, this home immediately, drew in interested Buyers with lines forming to get inside.  Well, not literally lines forming outdoors, but there was a genuine interest to see the home once the home’s listing hit the MLS and all other Social Media outlets where I advertise my Seller’s homes for sale. If the home looked anything like its presentation in the photos and across the internet, the prospective Buyers knew that they had better make their arrangements to get inside the home in hopes of being its next homeowner. The home was listed late one evening and by the next day, several showings were scheduled through the showing service that I use to schedule showings.  The showing service contacted my Sellers to advise of the showing times where other Real Estate Agents would show their Buyer customers the Coral Springs home. Within 2 days, and 4 offers later, Buyers were anticipating that their offer would outbid the other interested Buyer and within 4 days the home was sold for above list price. Yes, that’s right, above the original list price! Now that’s an elated Seller, listing their home for sale, within 4 days and selling for above list price! That’s getting a home sold!


Now that the home has been sold with the Contract signed, having all i’s dotted and t’s crossed, ensuring the Buyer is well qualified to secure a home loan, the next stage of selling a home will play out.  I had spoken with the Buyer’s Lender to confirm the Buyer’s assets, income and debt had been reviewed and all looked good.  Of course, this is never a guarantee of the Buyer’s ability yet, it’s an important first step toward a successful Real Estate closing. So what’s next?

The Home Inspection  

Typically, here in South Florida, what comes next is for the Buyer to complete their inspection of the home.  A qualified home inspector will be hired and paid for by the Buyer to make sure the Seller’s home is in a condition that will be acceptable to them.  Any needed repairs large and small will be revealed at this time.  The Buyer will then make the decision on whether to continue with the home purchase once the home has been inspected.  A well maintained home will likely fly through this step, as these homeowners had cared for their home, I had anticipated a stress-free inspection report.  Nothing was revealed at the home inspection that caused any concern to the Buyers.  Check, the inspection is completed! The Secret to getting past an inspection with flying colors, like we experienced here, is to always maintain a home so when you are ready to sell, there will not be any issues.  Or, if maintenance wasn’t high on your list prior to selling a home than you should make sure you take care of any known issues BEFORE you list your home for sale, as to avoid any surprises at the inspection.

Now, we wait on the Buyer’s Lender’s appraisal of the home to make sure that the home appraises for the agreed upon purchase price.  The appraisal will not be happening for a few more days so we’ll have to check back later to see how it all goes.  


Stay tuned and I’ll see you back here with an update to “The Secret to selling a home, revealed” Part 2 (Part 2 Revealed here).

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