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“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place” – George Bernard Shaw


Don’t let this lack of communication contribute to not getting your home sold.


So often we’re always hearing about what you can expect when the time comes to sell your home and that’s good, as knowing what to expect is important.  Surprises likely have never gone over well with you and you’re definitely not at ease with the unknown. You like to know what will happen along the way in each endeavor you take on in life, whether it’s selling a home, buying a home, accepting that job promotion, getting married or welcoming a new baby to the family.  Nobody likes to be left in the dark having something sprung on them without having any idea of what was happening next; like being spooked by a ghost!  When you get married do you wait to tell your spouse that you want children or that you want to raise your kids in a particular religion after you’re married? Of course not, if you want any kind or harmony you’ll discuss these things before you’re married.  We’ve all heard what happens when we forget to go over the important stuff before hand and it always doesn’t turn out good.



The same holds true in regards to all parties to your Real Estate transaction of selling your home once you’ve answered the question of should I sell my home now and decide that “yes” now is the time to sell your home! Let it be known, what it is that you expect from getting your home sold, particularly with the Realtor you hire.  What is it that you expect from your Realtor? Don’t surprise them midway through the transaction by saying, by the way, I wanted you to such and such or why haven’t you such and such when you never advised them to begin with what the such and such was for you.


Get out your pen and paper if need be and write it down.


Perhaps some of the things that you expect are the following;

(let me know if I hit on any of the right ones)


  1. You may want weekly updates every Friday

  2. You may prefer your method of communication to be by email and not by phone.

  3. You may want your home to have Open Houses.

  4. You may want a closing date to be 60 days from an executed contract.

  5. You may want to hire a Realtor who has a successful track record of selling homes.

  6. You may to sell your home by a set date

  7. You may want all shoes removed at the front door before entering your home

  8. You may want a certain price otherwise you’re not selling

  9. You absolutely do not want to make any requested repairs that come up in an inspection and you’d be willing to reduce the price in order to avoid having to make any such repairs

  10. You only want a brown hair and blue-eyed Realtor to sell your home! Now that’s an extreme expectation – you’re best to cross this one off your list, unless you’re willing to change it to brown eyes! (only kidding. If you guessed I have brown hair and brown eyes, you’re right!)


The whole point is that it’s really important that everybody clearly understands what it is that you are expecting from the sale of your home.  It’s not recommended that you become too picky or too demanding as selling a home does involve cooperation from all parties.  Rather it’s about making sure that all is being communicated up front and at the onset. Many of the expectations that you think need to be addressed really won’t matter and can be clearly explained as to why they shouldn’t be a concern of yours.  Particularly, #3 above, Open Houses; Open Houses are not how homes are typically sold.  Open houses, more so than not, are for the Listing Agent who is seeking additional Buyer customers.  They want to bring in Buyers to view your home and in case they aren’t interested in buying your home then they can find another home for them to buy.  Most Buyers won’t buy a home at an open house. With this in mind, once this is explained to you and you understand the method behind the madness, then you will likely no longer want an open house when you’re selling your home and you can remove this expectation. For more reasoning behind why open houses aren’t all that they’re cracked up to be, be sure to read my friend, Bill Gassett’s article on Open houses.


Call me, Lynn Pineda, at 954-464-1100 and I’ll provide you with additional Real Estate tips and answer your question; “should I sell my home now”.   Or feel free to email me at LynnP@ImagineYourHouse.com.

Article written by Southeast Florida Realtor, Lynn Pineda. eXp Realty Realtor

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