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Photos and selling a home


Ask your Realtor, “Can you show me the Photos? ! ”


If your Realtor can show you the photos, you’ll be at ease knowing that they’ll be better equipped to show you the money, by selling your home!





The perfect showcase of photos will allow your home to be in concert when selling.


Hopefully, you’ve determined BEFORE you hire your Realtor to sell your home that the listing of your home will include high quality photos and the maximum amount of photos taken of your home.  When you ask to “show me the photos” it can be too late if you’ve already hired the wrong Realtor who doesn’t showcase homes for sale – be sure to discover the Realtor’s photo skills before you choose them to sell you home.


This seems to be one of the most talked about, common complaints from Realtors themselves, when they come across home listings that have very poor photos, very few photos or no photos as all. Oh the stories I could tell about the sorely lacking photos that I’ve come across in my years of selling homes here in Southeast Florida. From the toilet lid covers up, from the total mess on display in a Kitchen, to pets and people “stuck” in photos, from garbage cans in the middle of Kitchen, Bathroom countertops covered in toiletries, to dark and blurred images, to upside down rooms and the list goes on and on.

This is also a huge complaint from Buyers, as they search the Internet in search of a home to buy. Over 92% of Buyers search online to find a home to buy. What do you think happens when they can’t see high quality photos and a lot of photos? Yes, you’re thought is right, the skip right over the home in search of a home that has been with great care and attention. You don’t want them to overlook your home because of it’s lack of being properly showcased.  All too often, the homeowner has no idea that their home, just listed for sale, has this poor presentation.  Homeowners may not think to ask to see their listing or may think that photos really don’t matter, as their hired Realtor really never addressed it or made too much of a deal about how their home will be presented.


Photos matter.

Homes will not be listed for sale that I’m representing until I’m able to showcase the home in its best light. In fact, not too long ago a listing of mine had to be delayed in getting photographs taken as my photographer was out of town for a family emergency.  The homeowner was anxious and really wanted photos to be taken so we could list their home for sale.  I indicated that I could take the photos, however I felt it important to wait on my photographer to return, as a home’s presentation through photos really does matter.  The homeowner finally agreed, as it was determined that they did have the time to wait just a week.  We then scheduled our appointment to go and photograph their home. Once the photos were taken and the “just right” photos were selected, I sent the listing to the homeowners and they were glad they waited saying; “You were right! Your photographer is awesome!”

So remember to ask your Realtor to show you the photos of your home, so you know your home is being properly marketed once you’ve made the decision to sell your home.

Ask your Realtor, “Can you show me the Photos? ! ”

Today’s Real Estate tip Real Estate Tip of the Day was written by Lynn Pineda. Call Lynn if you want to find out more about the importance of your home’s photos when selling a home.

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