How can you be better as a Real Estate Agent?


I want to help you to be a better you –  becoming a better Real Estate Agent. Join me in making lights shine brightly on our Real Estate industry. We can make a difference.Helping you to become a better Real Estate Agent


Instead of complaining about the countless episodes I experience, yes, episodes, because every time I experience an event with a Real Estate Agent who hasn’t honed in on their craft, it simply is part of the greater picture or series, that of a Real Estate Agent running without clarity.


Being a Real Estate Agent is the greatest career one could ever hold, in my opinion. However, don’t think it’s easy, thinking all we do is stroll customers around to look at 3 homes and then they choose one to buy, as HGTV swears by. Too funny! If only it were that easy. It’s about so much more, with an incredible amount of intensive work to do behind the scenes of selling homes. Yet, if it’s something that you really have a passion for and you put forth the effort, you can be truly satisfied knowing that you’re doing what you love and helping others at the same time – how cool is that?! After all, it’s known that the home is where the heart is.


This is perfect reading for you whether you’re a brand new Agent or an Agent who has been licensed for many years and has decided to become a better Real Estate Agent. Great! Happy to help those newly licensed and licensed for years.


As of this writing, I’ve been a Real Estate Agent for over 11 years and I don’t want you to think that it has always been clear for me, as I’ve learned a lot over the years of practicing Real Estate; that of selling homes. I have however, aimed at being the best Real Estate Agent that I can be here in Southeast Florida serving from Coral Springs to Boca Raton and nearby cities.


Where do we begin to hone in on our craft? Where do we start?


Lay your Foundation


It begins with integrity, which really is the foundation of trust. Is this an inherent quality or can it be learned? I believe so much of what we are has been developed in our life long experiences, how we were raised and how we respond to those experiences and/or learn from them. So I’d say it’s easier to see it as an inherent characteristic, yet I will always hold out hope that you can learn to have integrity, if you so desire to become a better person, a better human.


To win customers you must be trusted. It’s that simple. In Real Estate, it’s all about servicing the needs of those seeking to sell a home or buy a home.


As Real Estate Agents, we can relate to foundations as all homes have a foundation from which a home is built upon to provide safety and security for its family, securing its well being.


It’s about your potential as a Real Estate Agent and how we can grow to our greatest potential. This is not completed willy nilly, but rather on how we go about sharpening our axes to become a better Real Estate Agent.


Educate Yourself

What can you learn and just how do you learn?


There’s a lot to learn and as a Real Estate Agent you have to be willing to learn all that you can to represent home Sellers and home Buyers.  It’s not something that you do willy nilly.  Understand that this Real Estate sale and/or purchase is likely someone’s largest financial transaction in their lifetime.  This is not something you handle carelessly and without high regard. You need to take it very seriously and realize your actions or inactions can have an adverse effect.


So you have a Real Estate license and you’re now ready to sell homes! Hold on, no you’re not ready. Even if you’ve signed on with a Brokerage who really doesn’t provide you with any training it is still your responsibility to learn your business.  You are now a business owner. You have an ethical and moral obligation to your customers – it’s the right thing to do.


What do you need to learn?


The Real Estate contracts your local area uses. Study them. Question what you don’t understand. Know how all the timelines of contract interact with each other. Understand all the blanks you’re filling in and how they relate to other areas of contract. You don’t want the other Agent representing the other side of the transaction coming back to you to say, you forgot something, or your financing numbers don’t add up or your dates are in conflict with one another or them telling you you didn’t return the contract in time according to “return by” dates. Everything matters with a Real Estate Purchase Contract. Plus, you don’t want to risk a customer coming after you for misrepresentation. Know your Real Estate contracts.


The entire step by step process of a Real Estate transaction from selling a home to buying a home.


Technology that will enhance your Real Estate business. From videos, to digital signatures, to apps, to responsive websites and so much more, be in tune with technology to advance your business.


Selling a Home – if you’re selling a home:

You must accurately complete the Real Estate purchase contract, crossing all your t’s and dotting all your i’s. (this is local and state specific as some states utilize Attorneys).

You must understand escrow, title, financing, inspections and the closing process.


Buying a Home – if you’re buying a home


Wow, that’s a lot to learn! Sweat is beginning to bead on your forehead I see.

young man wipes sweat from his forehead with a handkerchief


So you say, but I don’t have anyone in my Brokerage office who I can ask. If you don’t have anyone in your office such as a Team Leader, Broker or knowledgeable Sales Associate, then you’re in the wrong office.  Just like there are Real Estate Agents who are not up to par, the same goes for Brokerages. Find another Brokerage who will train you properly or at a minimum be available to answer your questions and concerns when you don’t understand.


Or, another great way to learn is to search the vast internet. You’ll find an enormous amount of Real Estate tips and advice to steer you correctly.  In fact, I myself have learned so much by reading online articles, particularly with all the Real Estate content that is circling the internet, it’s a whole lot easier to become educated then it was decades ago. There are many Real Estate influencers who are really generous with their know-how. Start searching. Start reading. The learning never stops. I’m always reading about Real Estate to stay up to date – you should too!


Communicate, Communicate, Communicate


And then some! Communicating throughout any Real Estate transaction is critical. It’s paramount. It’s without a doubt, one of the most critical factors of your success at becoming a top-notch Real Estate Agent.

“Be an expert at connecting, exchanging ideas and news when selling homes”

Far too often, I see Real Estate Agents failing in not being effective communicators.  In fact, this article here was prompted by recent dealings in which communications from another Agent was seriously flawed. I thought that I could tell the story as everyone loves a good story, but rather, I thought I’d speak to the importance of being an effective communicator; something to excel at when selling homes.


What’s the best way to communicate?


Now pay really close attention as this is huge! Answer phone calls. Answer emails. Answer texts. And do it all on a timely basis the same day. If you can’t always immediately answer your phone, email or text, strive to return the inquiry within 10 minutes. That should be your goal. Sure, there will be times when you’re unavailable to answer the inquiry when you’re at an appointment, however you’re not on an appointment for hours on end. Getting back to someone in less than an hour should be the norm.


Speedy rules.

Communication skills as a Real Estate Agent

When you’re asked a question, answer it promptly and if you don’t know the answer tell them you’ll find out and get back to them.  Don’t fudge an answer or squirm in your chair to come up with something if you don’t know. Fudge an answer you’re not sure of will almost certainly come back to haunt you later.


Nothing’s worse than double-talk.


Don’t make someone have to chase you down for answers and/or needed documents. Communicate with them to let them know you’re working on it or just get it done.


Listen well. Take the time to hear what your customers are saying to you. Be open.


By all means, if you said you’re going to do something, do it, as you said you would.  Be known for delivering on your promises. It will matter.


“Be the Real Estate Agent whom customers marvel at for their speedy communication.”


Love Your Work


Loving what you do will always make you a better Real Estate Agent.  If you got into the Real Estate business because you thought it was easy money. Think again. It’s not at all easy. If you’re not thrilled to be a Real Estate Agent, life is too short, find a new career.


Share your Real Estate Knowledge


Now, once you nail all the matters of importance above, you’ll want to now share your  knowledge that you’ve worked really hard for day in and day out. Way to go! You want to let the world know that you sell homes for a living. Spread the news of your acquired Real Estate know-how. You sell homes!


What better way, than to start writing Real Estate articles on your own Real Estate website. If you have come this far, you likely have a few stories or two to share that you can translate into a helpful Real Estate article.


Helping others.


Real Estate article sharingSharing Real Estate articles written by you on your website (you do have your own website, right?) across all the Social Media platforms that you frequent is an astute method in which to get the news out that you have become a darn good Real Estate Agent. There are so many options to spreading the news. There’s Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Instagram, and on and on. Choose what suits you best.


Final thoughts


Ultimately, you’ll be able to educate others. Your primary goal is to educate your customers; those who are selling a home or buying a home.  You want to be their trusted Real Estate professional. Follow my advice laid out above and you’ll be well on your way to being a better you, as a Real Estate Agent in this most competitive industry. Shine brightly above the rest.



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Today’s Real Estate article “Helping You to Become a Better Real Estate Agent” was written by Lynn Pineda. You’ll find Lynn selling homes in Southeast Florida in the cities of Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Coral Springs, Delray Beach, Coconut Creek, Deerfield Beach, Margate, Parkland, Pompano Beach, Tamarac, Sunrise, Plantation and Ft Lauderdale areas within Broward and Palm Beach counties. Call Lynn if you have questions about becoming a better Real Estate Agent at 954-464-1100.


Lynn Pineda, a licensed Southeast Florida Real Estate Agent serving Southeast Florida for over 11 years.  Keller Williams Coral Springs Realty. Real Estate Promises Delivered. You can speak with Lynn by calling/texting her at 954-464-1100 or you can email her at: if you need to buy or sell a Southeast Florida home. Your local, trusted professional when it’s time to buy or sell a home.  Real Estate promises delivered. October 21, 2016

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  1. Hey Lynn,
    I am a new agent in Atlanta. Great information. I really like your market update blog. I am going to do that for may local market. It will force me to dig in and really understand what is happening. Actually, after reading your blog….I just made a big” to do” list of items I need to become more knowledge about. Thanks.

    1. So nice to hear you found my article helpful Lee Ann – that was my goal in writing it! I wanted to reach many Agents and help them to get on track for their business. I wish you all the best in your Real Estate career.

  2. Hey Lynn,
    My name is Justin Heat. I am real estate agent.I really like your blog.Now onward i will work according to the tips you mentioned. Thanks for your suggestions.

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