Don’t plan on moving after the day of closing


Were you thinking you’d stay on a few more days after closing to get yourselves moved out?





You’ve thought long and hard before you decided to list your home for sale.  You then listed your home for sale, promptly found a Buyer for your home, due to the fact of hiring the right Real Estate Agent to sell your home and now the closing dateReal Estate Tip of the Day is nearing, but you are really not ready, you need more time.  So you think, you’ll just move out a few days after the day of closing, as you’re sure the Buyers won’t mind, after all, it’s just a couple of days.  HOLD ON.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.  


In a Real Estate purchase contract, the closing date terms set a specific date in which the Title transfers from one owner to another.  That date, is the date in which the Buyers take ownership of the home. With this in mind, most Buyers will want the Seller to be moved out of “their” home with the home having been completely emptied of the Seller’s personal belongings and left clean.


Sometimes, Buyer’s may, I say may, be willing to let the Seller stay on a few days after the day of closing or longer and they also likely will require you to pay a rental payment.  This staying over, is risky, which is why it’s not too common.  The Buyers worry that you may not want to leave their home!


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Written by Real Estate Agent, Lynn Pineda.eXp Realty.

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