Real Estate Tip of the Day December 19, 2013


When the time has come to sell your home, you’re also likely thinking of items in your home that you’d like to get rid of because you either no longer use, have outgrown them or perhaps you’re downsizing. You think about selling these unwanted items to the new Buyer of your home. But wait, trying to sell things in your home before you even have a signed purchase contract, is never a good idea. Don’t put the cart before the horse.


The goal of any home sale is to get a Buyer to purchase your home.  You never want to risk a sale by discussing non-home selling matters, so hush until that Real Estate contract is signed and delivered. This doesn’t mean that you can’t offer for sale your unwanted items. You just have to keep it a secret that you no longer use that Pool Table set up in your den or that you’re downsizing and need to sell that brand new Bedroom set in your guest room and that you want to sell that Classic 1970 Boss 302 Mustang in your garage. You just have to wait to tell of your desire to get rid of it all. Don’t be tempted, it’s easy to let you guard down if you think an offer is coming or if perhaps a Buyer would ask you about that Mustang in your garage; resist the urge and simply say we can talk about that later. However, to not even have to worry about putting yourself in that position, you shouldn’t be present for any home showings.

Real Estate Tip of the Day

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