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Once you decide to sell your home, it’s not the time to be ordinary, but to be marked with extraordinary appeal.  Did you wake up one morning and think, hmmm, today I think we’ll sell our home?  Highly unlikely. It involved a lot of consideration before you got to that point.  Add “Extra” to ordinary and you’ve got extraordinary!  It is about doing a little extra to sell your home.


Plan on being extraordinary. Extraordinary sells homes.


  “The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra “ – Zig Ziglar


Upon meeting with your professional Real Estate Agent, she/he will discuss a plan with you. To succeed at anything, you must have a plan. You will review each step to make sure that you execute them properly carrying them out; you can expect the 10 steps below in your plan. Expect to pass the torch to your Real Estate Agent to make sure all the steps flow together with ease, as this isn’t for you to have to worry about.  You should be able to relax in knowing you’ve selected the right Real Estate Agent to be extraordinary.


Step 1 will be preparing to list your home for sale


Step 2 will be the prospective Buyers viewing stage


Step 3 will be the negotiating of any Buyer’s offers.


Step 4 will be the acceptance of the chosen Buyer’s offer


Step 5 will be the inspection stage


Step 6 will be the appraisal stage


Step 7 will be the Title commitment stage


Step 8 will be the Buyer’s financing commitment stage, if financing is involved.


Step 9 will be moving out all of your home’s belongings


Step 10 will be closing on your home and knowing that all of the extraordinary efforts you put forth, will have benefited you, in that you sold your home!


Real Estate Tip of the Day March 5, 2014

Get excited. Get motivated. Get going. Get your home sold.


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Written by Real Estate Agent, Lynn Pineda. eXp Realty

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