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real estate and food

Do you think Food and Real Estate have anything in common? Anything, do you think? A lot actually. Have you ever thought about how they both make our senses ignite? Their commonalities when it comes to our senses being set ablaze is amazing.  So much about Food and Real Estate is that they seem to light a fire under our senses. Lingering to the lighter side of Real Estate, today I hope to bring a bit of reading enjoyment for you when I discuss Food and Real Estate.


To begin with, they are two of my favorite things. Two favorite things for many people, in fact; Food and Real Estate.


“Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.” – Julia Childs


I agree with Julia.


As I sit here looking back on having prepared dishes for my family’s just past, Thanksgiving feast, I think of how much I love Food and Real Estate and how wonderful it is that they are intertwined together. They have so many similarities when it comes to igniting our senses. So what better time to talk about how they really do go together, then when we’re in the midst of so many holiday celebrations that seem so frequently to revolve around food, family and friends, celebrating together in our homes. Particularly with the holiday celebrations upon us, it makes it easy to point out the commonalities, their feel-good likeness.



Of course, two of these very important holiday celebrations include Thanksgiving and Christmas, where we are reminded of what we’re thankful for, our blessings and the birth of Jesus Christ.  Thanksgiving, one of my favorite “Food” time of years and before you can blink your eye, we’ll be celebrating the most magical time of the year with Christmas. This time of year includes so many other traditional holiday celebrations shared by many ethnicities. It seems to be the time of year when we reflect most upon our blessings.


I’ve been in the business of selling homes here in southeast Florida since being licensed as a Real Estate Agent in 2005. I only wish I had started in Real Estate earlier in my life, yet thankful that Real Estate finally did fall onto my plate. Better late than never.  Having a career where what you do plays an extremely important part with so many people when they’re either selling a home or buying a home is very rewarding beyond words.


Food and Real EstateAnd, speaking of things falling onto plates, when it comes to food I’ve always enjoyed cooking; whether it involves plating a new recipe or something tried and tested and of course, topping it off with a sweet ending. So I guess you can always say I’ve been fortunate to always appreciate the good food we eat.



“Good eats just seems to nurture people”


When I think of Real Estate, I think of the joy found in our homes, which is often surrounding by good food; both battling to ignite our senses. Being in our home, savoring good food, being with family and friends while creating memories that often bring us closer together, makes life so worth living.


Where do you prepare the food you love? In the Real Estate you own – your home.


According to a Gallup poll from April 2017, Americans rate Real Estate as the best long term investment. If you own Real Estate you’re likely nodding your head in agreement.


Do you like to cook or perhaps you’re a baker? Perhaps you’re an avid Pinterest pinner who is always saving the next best recipe you’ll try. Talk about setting your senses on fire – often making them go off the charts!


What about our senses?




Our vision and Real Estate.


Never take it for granted. Our vision allows us to truly appreciate Real Estate and the place we call home.


Can you remember seeing your home for the first time? How it was presented? If the Real Estate Agent listing the home for sale knew anything about selling homes, I bet the home was presented well; sparkling clean, no clutter, and staged perfectly. Do you remember how it made you feel? How it made your heart go all a flutter? If it was your first home, it likely was as if your heart was beating outside your chest!


Or what about what it’s like to arrive home after a long hard day to see your home? The peace it can provide is astounding, as if it’s wrapping you in it’s arms when you walk through the front door. “Awh…I’m home.”, you think to yourself. Whether it’s seeing your husband or wife, your children or your favorite pet dog or cat greet you or if you’re single, it’s as if you’re being greeted by your home (the world’s best roommate). It is just so welcoming. So inviting. Your safe place.


Our vision and Food.


So much about food can be in its presentation before we begin to devour its goodness. Yet, at the same time, there is some food that will simply elicit an onslaught of the desire to devour upon first sight. Chocolate. Salad. Pasta. Steak, Tofu…okay, I know Tofu might be pushing it for the masses, but I bet there are some that love their tofu and just the sight of it would get them excited!


Do you have a favorite “feel good” comfort food that warms you up from head to toe everytime you see it served in front of you. Or what about a special presentation plated brilliantly as if the Chef in your home had been watching a lot of the Food Network channel where the professionals Chefs share their secrets to master food presentations for us non-professional Chefs to share at our homes? It’s crazy how much better it seems to taste when presented attractively; just like the beautifully presented home when a homeowner is trying to sell a home as discussed above.




Our smell and Real Estate.  Have you ever been away from home for a few days or more and when you come home, open the front door, step inside your home and your home’s natural smell greets as if it were to say, “Welcome home, we missed you”. You can hardly wait to cross the front door. You’re finally home. Our home’s welcoming smell is most noticeable after we’ve been gone all day or for a few days or more at a time. It’s our home’s smell, unique and welcome to all that live under its roof.


The Smell of Real Estate


Don’t confuse this smell with those stinky smells when your teenage son or daughter arrived home with a bunch of his/her friends after just completing their team’s soccer match having won. No, those smells we can do without.


Also, how often do you find recommendations when selling your home to fill your home’s scent with the smell of delectable good eats; like freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, or freshly baked bread? (One of my family’s favorites this time of year is my family’s tradition of Swedish coffee bread that’s made with yeast, flour, butter, cinnamon and sugar. It always fills our home with such wonderful smells that warm us with treasured memories, as it stimulates our sense of smell and taste buds.)


Our smell and Food. Food smells can be off the charts good, especially around the holidays. I always will remember when I was young, growing up at my home and when my mom would get up bright and early Thanksgiving morning to start to prepare our Thanksgiving meal. There is something about waking up to that smell of Thanksgiving in the air – I will always cherish those memories. Nothing quite like it…in fact, I can almost smell it now as I type. I imagine you may likely have the same memories of a special time with your family. Yet, at the same time, I realize that not everybody may have the gift of cooking and baking abilities in their family, so your memories of food smells may be when the food arrives home from other family members and/or friends bringing it across your home’s doorstep. Hey, that can be just as glorious of a smell.


What about that smell when freshly baked bread fills the air? Incredible.



Talk about Food and Real Estate smells igniting our senses!




Our hearing and Real Estate. There are plenty of sounds that thrive outside our home’s doors in the landscaping that surrounds our home. Can you hear the birds singing in the morning to awake you? What about the pitter patter of rain on your roof top? These sounds can be calming reminders of the safety and peace your home provides.



What about the laughter you hear coming from your children playing nearby? Golden to hear and often contagious. After all, they say laughter is the best medicine, so that’s a good thing to hear inside our homes.


Then there are those not so always calming sounds, such as the railroad cars passing by in the middle of the night. Do you remember when you first were constantly interrupted by the passing cars and then eventually, over time, you didn’t even notice the piercing railway car horn, as if it seemed to rock you to sleep? Funny how that’s even possible isn’t it?!


What about the one creak in your wooden floors that you pass over each day? While it used to annoy you, it’s now etched into your mind as an almost comforting reminder of your beautifully aged, wooden floors that you and your family pass over a million times a day; your home and all of its imperfections.



Our hearing and Food. That bacon sizzling in the frying pan or the dripping sound of coffee brewing to get your day started; amazing familiar sounds of what’s about to cross your lips.  Perhaps you cringe at the thought of all that bacon fat, how about the crunch beneath your chompers of your healthy salad of romaine lettuce leaves and carrots? You can hear it all now, can’t you?



Those glorious, wonderful sounds from Real Estate and Food.




Our touch and Real Estate. Let me feel it, let me at it. Can you think of all of the textures in your home that ignite your sense of touch? Cool, marble kitchen countertops. Sleek, shiny  contemporary kitchen cabinets. Rustic overhead wood ceiling beams. Woven rugs. A cozy knit throw. Wooden floors or cool tiled floors. Whether it’s your fingers or toes that caress these textures, you’re likely drawn to them for more than how they look, but how they feel.



Our touch and Food. Messy, barbecue, baby back spare ribs. I believe half the draw of barbecue ribs comes from feeling the delicious sauce all over your fingertips. That gooey goodness can come from baking them in your home’s oven and then finishing them off on the backyard grill or preparing them entirely on the backyard grill.


What else can you think of that ignites your sense of touch in food? How about sticky buns for your sweet tooth. If you’re a lover of sweets, like I am, I’ve likely got your attention.


How do you determine how fresh that loaf of bread is that’s sitting on your kitchen countertop? You touch it, squeezing it to make sure it still has some spring left in it before you lather it with butter.


Touch also plays an important role in cooking food when it comes to knowing it’s doneness.  Do you know when a chicken breast is done by pressing it with your fingers? Or what about cooking your Ribeye steak to a perfect medium rare?


You can just feel it, Food and Real Estate.




Our taste and Real Estate. Hmmm. How can you taste Real Estate? Literally, perhaps not. Yet, I couldn’t possibly begin to the count all the number of times I’ve heard from home Sellers and home Buyers who are so close to closing on the sale or purchase of their home often declaring; “ It’s so close, I can almost taste it!”. So there you have it…taste and Real Estate.


Our taste and Food. Second only to the health of our body’s necessity for food is our body’s desire for good tasting, mouth watering food; food that ignites our taste buds where we thoroughly savour every bite. Perhaps the most “ignitable” of our senses when it comes to food is indeed our taste, wouldn’t you agree?



Taste when it comes to Food and Real Estate while on opposite ends of scale when it comes to how it ignites our senses, it does bring it on.


Wrap Up


As you can see, Food and Real Estate really do have a lot in common when it comes to igniting our senses. Some of the senses lean more heavily towards one than the other, yet it’s definitely easy to see why Food and Real Estate are some of our favorite things. Who doesn’t enjoy their senses being ignited?!


In fact, it’s quite common that home Sellers try their best to appeal to a home Buyer’s senses when they’re trying to sell a home.


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Today’s Real Estate article “What Is It About Food And Real Estate That Will Make Your Senses Ignite?” was written by Lynn Pineda. You’ll find Lynn selling homes in Southeast Florida in the cities of Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Coral Springs, Delray Beach, Coconut Creek, Deerfield Beach, Margate, Parkland, Pompano Beach, Tamarac, Sunrise, Plantation and Ft Lauderdale areas within Broward and Palm Beach counties. Call Lynn at 954-464-1100 if you have questions about Food, Real Estate and our senses.


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