It’s all about the ingredients. Oh yes it is!

Believe it or not, holiday baking and home selling do have a lot in common; mainly it’s about the ingredients. What makes for a good bread, cake or cookie and what makes for a great home sale?

Home Selling needs a recipe for success

Here I’ll discuss just how to mix up the right ingredients when the time comes to sell a home, so you can be like the the award winning Baker and sell your home fast and for top dollar!

Where has the year gone? Once again, the year has zipped by and we’re all starting to think about all the holidays including Thanksgiving, Christmas and more, which means holiday baking is here, now that it’s November. Even if you’re not a baker, you still are likely thinking about what you’ll eat, serve or give as presents over the course of the holiday season.

So what makes for that delicious pumpkin pie, decadent chocolate peanut butter fudge, mouth watering meltaway pecan balls or that fabulous Christmas morning traditional coffee cake? It’s indeed all about the fresh ingredients and how they’re folded in together, isn’t it?!

Each year at Christmas time, I bake my family’s favorite tradition of Swedish coffee bread, just the mention of it makes my family’s mouths water. It is indeed so about the ingredients, from the kneading, rising and baking of the bread. If I mess up one of the ingredients, the bread would fall flat to greatly disappoint my family and me too! I must have all of the needed ingredients to make the bread and one ingredient on it’s own certainly wouldn’t taste good. How about a raw egg, some flour, butter or a little bit of active yeast?

The same holds true when selling a home.

So just what are the ingredients needed when selling a home? Get the recipe!

Here’s your shopping list for the right ingredients when selling a home:


A Well Seasoned Real Estate Agent

Seasoned with just the right ingredients such as; Real Estate market knowledge, enthusiasm, ethics, passion, honesty, commitment, communication skills, marketing skills, negotiation skills and full of vigor. This results in being accomplished in knowing how to sell homes and not simply in listing a home for sale, but rather getting a home sold!

What happens when you choose a Agent who hasn’t been seasoned properly? Avoid the bad tasting Agent, so to speak.

A Proven Plan (Recipe) to Sell your Home

What is the Real Estate Agent’s plan (recipe) to get your home sold? There are pertinent steps that must be followed. From preparing your home, staging your home, to pricing your home, to the marketing of your home, to acceptance of a Buyer’s offer, to packing to move, right through to the day of closing and everything else that falls in between the aforementioned, a plan must be followed. Most important too is the ability to get back on track when the plan gets off course, which can happen.

When making those tasty holiday treats how many eggs will you need, cups of flour, sugar & butter, teaspoons of vanilla, cups of ground almonds and any other required ingredient that makes the baked perfection turn out well? – a treat worthy of winning the raves of family and friends.

Plan (Recipe) Execution

You have to follow the plan (recipe) as discussed above. You can’t skip a step as plans are made for a reason, to be followed, to have success, such as in a Seller selling their home to a buyer. What if you didn’t make sure the Buyer was financially well qualified to buy your home. That will definitely be part of the plan. Just like in your holiday baking, you can’t skip a step or fail to include an ingredient or step in the home selling process without having an unfavorable outcome. The holiday bread won’t rise if you leave out the yeast and when it comes to baking those sugar cookies, what happens if you forget to to stir the ingredients removing any clumps from all of the ingredients? I can tell you that you won’t get a cookie or a holiday bread that you’ll want to eat. Your recipes will have failed and there won’t be cookies/bread that are eaten; they’ll get thrown in the trash. The same thing happens when your home selling plan steps aren’t properly executed; you then risk selling your home and the sale can fall through with you then experiencing great disappointment.

You have to follow and execute the home selling plan for home selling success.

 Home Selling Recipe


When it all comes together.

When selling a home there are many parties to a Real Estate transaction which will benefit from harmony when everyone agrees to work in concert with each other. This is not the time to be a tough guy/gal. There will have to be an understanding and level of cooperation in order to get to the closing table to sell your home. There will be timelines that need to be met, contracts to be signed, along with inconveniences from home showings, inspections and appraisals. Your readiness to communicate with your Real Estate Agent when needed, will go a long way towards keeping everyone’s nerves and anxiety at bay. We all know what happens when our levels of anxiety are heightened.

And remember how you cooperate by sharing your holiday baked goods with your friends and family? Don’t hoard them all to yourself as it is the season of giving. Perfect harmony.

Harmony when selling my home

To Sum it Up

Just as in that favorite Christmas and holiday recipe where you need more than one ingredient to get a baked good worthy of an award, the same holds true when selling your home.

If you worked your tail off getting your home ready to sell, but chose the wrong selling price, you won’t sell your home fast. If you chose the right Real Estate Agent to sell your home, but your unwillingness to cooperate or have harmony during the process you aren’t going to sell your home easily.

Or if you did everything right from home preparation to your willingness to have harmony, but you chose a Real Estate Agent recommended by a friend (cheaper brand) who wasn’t at the top of their game, yes, you know, what comes next; no home sale.

Taking shortcuts or getting a cheaper brand to save money, will have the same result in holiday baking. So it truly is all about having the right ingredients. No matter the season, be sure to get all the ingredients right and you’ll be well on your way to selling your home.


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