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Don’t be a Home Sale Killer


A bit harsh, you think?  No, not at all, as this is something that you’ll want to pay very close attention to, when you’re trying to sell a home.


Mum’s the word when Buyer’s are present, prior to your home being sold. This means that you’ll want to keep quiet, say nothing and don’t be present during the initial time period while you’re home is being shown and considered for purchase by prospective Buyers.


Any and all communication with prospective Buyers should be between your Real Estate Agent and the Buyer’s Real Estate Agent. I’m sure the Real Estate Agent that you hired was done by a careful selection process and you didn’t go with just any Agent. As long as you did this, you can feel confident that they’re fully capable of handling your Real Estate transaction communications. If you didn’t carefully select a Real Estate Agent, then you may have a whole other set of problems that will surface along the way of selling your home.  


So why are you being warned to not kill your home sale?  Did you know how easy it is to kill a home sale?  Your conversations can all seem so innocent, yet the results can be disastrous.  If you had hoped to receive a certain dollar amount for the selling of your home, anything that you say or do while in the presence of a prospective Buyer and/or their Agent can severely alter your plan for receiving top dollar for your home sale or worse yet it can result in no sale at all. It’s important to know, that if the Buyer’s Agent is skilled, they’ll be fishing for information that will aid the Buyer in getting the best price and terms for their home purchase. They could ask you, about why and where are you moving or ask you about other details of your home.  Don’t give them the chance to trip you up in revealing pertinent details and then conclude that you are anxious to move, so you’ll likely take any price that is offered or will perhaps be more flexible when a Buyer asks for assistance in closing costs, etc.  This doesn’t mean that you’re supposed to hide anything about your home that could affect its value.  It just means, let your trusted Real Estate professional handle the communications so your home sale is not killed.

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Written by Real Estate Agent, Lynn Pineda. eXp Realty LLC

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