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Don’t be all ears when selling a home


Stop taking advice from family, friends and neighbors

 Real Estate Tip of the Day - don't be all ears

I know, you’ve got advice coming at you from everywhere and everyone!  They all mean well; your family, friends and neighbors (well most of them mean well).  What do you do when they tell you:


  • Your home is worth $Millions – haven’t you seen Zillow and Trulia?!  Far too many take these sites as gospel and they’re anything but that.  They can never take the place of a Realtor who has the experience and know how of pricing homes for sale along with knowing their local Real Estate Market.  How could these sites know what is in your home and how it compares to nearby closed sales? Do they know about the land in your backyard that is filled with gold? Probably not! Okay, a little far fetched, but you get the idea.


  • Place your selling price high as Buyer’s always want to lowball your offer.  This strategy is pricing your home for negotiations with the expectation that you’ll be accepting a lower price – why is that wise?  Price your home right and you can anticipate great Buyer demand that can drive the price up.


  • My son just got his license, he can sell your home.  Are you ready to be like a test kitchen? Probably not, plus, mixing business with inexperienced family members and friends can truly be frightening.

Everybody has an opinion. Everybody wants to voice their opinion. Everyone thinks they’re a jack of all trades being an expert in everything.  Would you go to Podiatrist if you had high blood pressure or to a Travel Agent if you wanted your car fixed? You get the picture.  You’ll be best to close your ears and talk to your trusted Realtor instead.

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