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Discover the joy of selling a home




Discover the joy of selling a home

There’s the joy of cooking, the joy of fishing, the joy of cupcakes, the joy of photography, the joy of sex (can I say that here?!), the joy of eating, the joy of pigs (yes, did you know there’s a joy of pigs?!), just to name a few.  Why shouldn’t there be a “joy of selling a home?”


Joy can be defined as having an emotion awakened from the sense of well-being.  When you sell your home any homeowner wants to know that everything is going to be okay, that you’ll have success at getting your home sold without a whole lot of aggravation, that you can have joy!


So just how can you discover such joy?


Hire an accomplished Realtor.


One who knows Real Estate, loves their chosen full time profession as a Realtor and knows their local Real Estate market. One who has a track record of selling homes and not just listing homes for sale.  Ask them about the homes they list for sale and how many of the homes that they have listed for sale have been sold and then also, how fast did they sell the homes and what are their ratios of the sales price to list price?


Find out what their past customers thought about their Real Estate experience with the Realtor you’ll hire. Customer reviews will speak volumes of a Realtor.  If you read enough of their reviews, you should see a pattern of customer advocacy and excellence.  You want to know what to expect. If you’re anything like me, you don’t want to be surprised and nothing would be worse than hiring a Realtor who doesn’t return your phone calls in a timely manner nor one who doesn’t go to battle for you, if needed. Joy will come when you hire a professional.


Listen to the advice provided by your chosen Realtor.


Too many cooks in the Kitchen is never a good thing and when selling a home, you’ll likely have advice coming at you from all angles; from family members, neighbors, friends and co-workers. Perhaps you’ve heard a similar story where young players on a high school football team were routinely getting advice from so many of their fathers on the sidelines who all happened to play on the school’s team in their younger days, so they all thought they were experts. The coach would tell the kids what to do on the field and then when they were in the game playing, they did nothing as the coach instructed and they wondered why they weren’t having any success at winning football games. The coach who was attempting to coach the kids of these fathers finally had to tell the kids to listen and if they wanted to play in the game, they’ll have to listen to him as their coach or otherwise, they’d sit the game out on the bench.


Remember, if you’ve hired an accomplished Realtor, you shouldn’t second guess their home selling advice and you should be open to their recommendations for getting your home sold. It’s not the time to be wishy-washy. When your Realtor advises you to clean up your home, remove the clutter, maintain your home, be absent for showings and be cooperative during the home selling process, to name just a few things, you need to do it; when you do, joy will follow.


Look forward to what comes next after you sell your home.


Why are you selling your home? Are you selling your home to move to a larger home due to your growing family? Have the kids moved out and you now need a smaller home? Are you relocating out of town? Have you or a family member been hit by financial troubles due to a reduction in income or maybe for health reasons? Whatever the reason may be and there are plenty, try to always imagine that you can find joy in selling a home even when the move stirs up a lot of mixed emotions. Closing the door of the home you’re selling can mean that another new door is ready to welcome you.


Joy is what we experience when we allow

ourselves to trust another.

So go ahead and lighten up. Take the sting out. Look on the bright side. Joy is about to be revealed.



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Real Estate Article written by South Florida Realtor, Lynn Pineda. Keller Williams Coral Springs Realty. May 1, 2014.

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