The Poetry of our Homes

Stanzas built to portray a home’s real essence.           How many of us truly appreciate our homes? Especially now. Now that we seem to be spending a lot more time at home. And I get it that this hasn’t necessarily been our choice, yet now that you have been glued to […]

Are you Spellbound About Buying a Home?

Are you spellbound about buying a home?

The magical power behind buying a home.   It’s as if you’re under a spell.   You lay awake at night. Dreaming. Fascinated. A place to call home. Just imagine … you and your home. You can’t think of anything else.   Sound like you…are you indeed spellbound about buying a home?   When you’re […]

7 Things to Know About Buying Rental Property

What you should know when buying rental property   Before you buy a rental property, check out these seven things that many homeowners turned landlords didn’t think of when they first bought their properties. We’re outlining some things you should know about buying rental property. Don’t miss out.   The rental market in the United […]

Moving Guide: From a Renter to a Homeowner

Stop renting and purchase a home of your own   Today’s article features a guest writer for Imagine Your House: Darlene Mase. Read more about Darlene below.   You’ve decided to stop renting an apartment or home and purchase a house of your own. Congratulations! However, in the midst of all the excitement of being […]

The One Thing your Accountant won’t tell you

Talk to your Accountant about buying a home   Buying a home requires saving, planning and a lot of preparation.  You’ve heard the importance of good credit, so you’ve worked hard to clean it up to increase your credit score.  You’ve also learned a lot about pinching pennies to increase your savings from skipping the […]