Stanzas built to portray a home’s real essence.essence of our homes






How many of us truly appreciate our homes? Especially now. Now that we seem to be spending a lot more time at home. And I get it that this hasn’t necessarily been our choice, yet now that you have been glued to your home more or less, how do you feel about the walls surrounding you? No, I’m not speaking literally about the walls themselves! While times may have found you climbing the walls, when all is said and done, I bet your home’s worth has raised new meanings for you, new insights to your life, thoughts likely running rampant. Like poetry of our homes.













Where I go for peace. 


Where peace opens the door for me.


Staggeringly, peace may not be at home for many


Such disharmony is indeed true. Unthinkable


I can’t imagine opening my front door without peace staring me back in the face.


Let yourself be taken to that place of peace. Make the choice. You’ll be content.








Who wouldn’t want a home of their own?


Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers, Grandmas, Grandpas, Aunts, Uncles.


I get that desire


Empty thoughts about one’s home. How sad, I love my home.


Selling homes for a living, I do. How lucky am I?!








What makes a home?


Simply any place that you call home


Big, small or just right


We make it a home


Be proud of your space. Care for your home


This will matter, especially whenever you sell your home. More money!








Why a home?


Oh, where do I begin?!


Touched on and a million more reasons come to mind.


You could answer that, I’m sure.


The comforts. The memories. The security.


What more could you ask for?!






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The Poetry of our Homes

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