What’s the rush to get to…

…to Friday? There really is something about Friday. I know we should enjoy the moment, live for today as we might not get tomorrow but oh, Fridays….there’s just something about them. It’s a whole mental condition that takes over; no rushing to get things done for the following morning, you can sleep in a bit longer ( as long as you don’t have an early morning soccer game to take your son or daughter to) and you can enjoy your Friday evening traditions. Quite often my families Friday night tradition is enjoying a pizza from a local pizzeria that makes the best pizzas around and I enjoy a nice glass of Merlot or Cabernet to relax with. And of course, there’s always more time Friday night for Active Rain.  

I wonder when this Friday thing all started? Is there any documented evidence of when Fridays first started to become a day of celebration for the worker? Will Friday always be a day to look forward to in our advancing society? How about our advancing age? (LOL) Do retirees value Fridays? I hear every day is a Friday in retirement.  It’s a great day to count up all the good things that happened for the week, to forget about all the not so good things that happened and to look forward to better days tomorrow.

 Anyhow, all my friends, enjoy your Friday, be thankful for all you have today, pray for those in need, pray for our troops and pray for a brighter tomorrow!

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