What to expect from your Realtor when selling your home.

My thoughts for this post stemmed from my thoughts on how I value my customer relationships. I have always been a strong customer advocate and truly value my customers. Perhaps, this started for me at a very young age with my parent’s nuture, as I think this is where most of our values are ignited, even though I do realize we can learn values as we get older too. My mom and dad always instilled in me the importance of being honest and trustworthy; say what you mean and do what you say. I’ll never forget my mom repeatedly saying that if I lie to her she will always find out and you know, she always did. As a young child learning the difference in what is right and wrong, I could never understand how she always found out if I was lying.  Don’t get me wrong to think I was always lying, as the bulk were more like the little “white lie” but, it was incredible how my mom always seemed to find out and then I’d be grounded for a day, a weekend or maybe longer.

So I took my life lessons very seriously and continue to today. I also value that we must treat others how you want to be treated. Be kind. You’ll find that kindness can cultivate kindness. When you say you’re going to do something, you do it; you don’t do it sort of, you do, as you said you would do.  My customers expect that of me. I do not want my customers disappointed.

My learned lessons have also spilled over onto my son. I’ve passed on to him these important lessons that he’ll, in all likelihood, pass on to his children; the value of learning while we’re young, as it’s a bit more difficult when we get older, as we become set in our ways and trying to learn the value of respect, trustworthiness and honesty makes for a much harder nut to crack with each passing year.

I want my customers to know that I’m one step ahead of them by keeping them informed on our Real Estate transaction. ForWhat to expect from your Realtor when selling your home example, I’m going to contact my customer before they have to call me for an update; I’m going to anticipate that they want to know, that they want to be kept informed. I’ve even had my customers jokingly say that I’m a mind reader! I keep my customers informed.

It should be commonplace that your Realtor will be trustworthy, honest, respectful and keep you in the know when you’re selling your home or buying your home here in South Florida; it is expected. When you are ready to sell a home or buy a home, make sure your Realtor has these inherent traits – you’ll be glad you did.

Being a Realtor/Real Estate Agent is a people business. We help people sell and buy homes. Real estate is an investment, it’s a lifestyle, it can hold a lifetime of memories, it’s precious and it should never be taken lightly. I know what is expected of me and I will deliver. Real Estate promised delivered.





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