Thanks for calling me back so fast

Thanks For Calling me BackI’m sure that a lot of you would agree on the importance of getting back to a customer, potential customer or business partner right away.

When I receive a call from a customer, I will return their call right away and I mean within 10 minutes unless there is something happening that it is just impossible for me to phone them back … worse case scenario I get back to them within a few hours.

Oh, that pains me to even type it but I realize sometimes I just can’t respond how I really ideally would like to. This even applies to my fellow Real Estate Associates. Even when an Agent leaves me a message for showing instructions when the Showing instructions are clearly marked on the MLS.  So with this being my guiding way, it’s no wonder that so many people often comment to me, “…thanks for calling me back so fast…”

Gosh, I thought we are in a people service business and doesn’t that involve prompt communication? I’m amazed at the associates that I often leave a message for and their response time is very poor.  Or better yet, those Agents who reach out to me for an offer on one of my listings and it takes several days for them to communicate with me for an offer; does the customer they’re representing (Buyer) know that they are being represented in such a way? Is this why some succeed in Real Estate and others fail? I’d say it’s a big part of ones success.

So the next time you receive a call, think twice before you delay the response particularly now in these tough economic times.

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