Real Estate Tip of the Day January 16, 2014


Uncover the funky smelling places in your home


The time is right.  The time is now.  You’re ready to sell your home. Do you have pets? Do you smoke? Do you love to cook with strong spices? Do you have small children whose repeated trips to the bathroom have left a build up of accidents near the commode? What about the smell in your garbage disposal that you’ve been meaning to fix?  Before you get  your home listed for sale you’re going to want to make sure the smell of your home leaves a lasting, pleasant memory with any visiting Buyer; you’ll need to uncover those funky smelling places in your home and clean them up.  Remove all these household odors, whether from pets, foods, smoking, chemicals and bathroom odor buildup.


Don’t try to cover up smells with candles & plug-ins.  You’ll need to clean up the smells by a deep cleaning or by removing where the unpleasant odor is coming from.  You’ll always need to get to the source of the smell.

Did you know that of all our senses, smell is the most sensitive.  In research studies, it has been determined that 75% of emotions are sparked by smell which can be united with pleasure & memory.

Want to sell a home? Make sure your home is dreaming up pleasure & favorable memories by smelling good. With the strength behind our reaction to smells, this clearly lets you know that when we list our homes for sale, the smell of our homes will be a powerful motivator behind what a Buyer will see or should we say smell and this translates to whether they decide to call your home their own.


Real Estate Tip of the Day Jan 16, 2014

























Written and published by Lynn Pineda, Realtor  Keller Williams South Florida. All rights reserved. Copyright protected.2014

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