Real Estate Tip of the Day December 27, 2013


Pay attention to the details that your home presents


Details, Details, Details – it can be all about the details. Looking through the eyes of a Buyer.

Buyers often will turn their nose up at such things as:


– Toilet lids raised in your bathroom – put ‘em down.


– Dirty showers/tubs – get rid of the grime.


– Throw rugs and carpeting that are dirty – clean ‘em up.


– Your Kitty-cat’s feeding bowl on the Kitchen countertop – put it out of sight.


You adore your little Kitty-cat and keeping her feeding bowl on your Kitchen countertop will cause a non-Kitty-cat lover some concern. You should have your pet’s feeding bowls (dogs & cats) kept out of sight yet; if you must keep them out make sure they are on the floor and always clean.


Nobody wants to see those toilet lids raised in your bathroom even if your toilets are clean.  A toilet’s lid belongs in the down position to make a bathroom appear in it’s best light.  Leaving a toilet lid up is like keeping the lid off of your toothpaste and leaving it on the bathroom countertop. It just makes your bathroom messy and uninviting.


You can’t hide behind shower doors,  curtains or bathroom doors, as the dirt and grime in a shower or bathtub is readily accessible by Buyers, yet can easily be cleaned up by a little elbow grease and new caulking.  Dirty showers/tubs can leave a lasting impression that you don’t want when you’re selling a home so get them cleaned up.


What do your throw rugs and carpeting say? They should be part of a welcoming package to prospective Buyers?  If they’re dirty be sure to clean them before your list your home for sale.  


Pay attention to the details in your home so it’s your home that your Buyer loves when they’ve narrowed down their selection of homes to the ones they’re considering buying; let it be yours when they’re having a hard time deciding and go back to your home because you had paid attention to your home’s details; translates to a Buyer that you have cared for your home so what’s underneath and hidden from the visible eye is likely all in good condition.


These and other details matter. It’s all about making sure your home is memorable for the right reason and not the little details that you forgot to attend to before your home was listed for sale.

Real Estate Tip of the Day Dec 27, 2013


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