My idea for this post came to me after reading a newspaper article about the police woman who “put on her shoes” and went the “extra mile” in order to rescue the young girl who had been kidnapped many years ago and held hostage for many years by a man and his wife. The police woman described how she went beyond what was expected of her by going the extra mile and in going that extra mile she put life back in to a family and a young girl. This really got me thinking on going the extra mile. Do you go the extra mile? What happens when you do? Have you ever experienced such a life changing event as the police woman did?

Why don’t more people go the extra mile?Walk A Mile in my Shoes

When you’re in a service business as those in Real Estate are in, I would think that most of us would go the extra mile. I try to go the extra mile whenever I can yet I”m amazed at the number of people that I come across in my daily business dealings that do anything but go the extra mile. Sometimes I think they try very hard to make sure that they don’t go the extra mile. But why?

As many of us who participate in Short Sales understand, it’s all about going the extra mile as walls are constantly going up in front of us and if we didn’t go the extra mile we wouldn’t have much success in closing short sales.  What floors me are some of the people that we encounter daily in our dealings with the Lenders, Associations, Attorney’s offices, Title Companies, etc that tend to spew out one way in which something is processed while putting on blinders to another possible solution. I guess they have holes in their running shoes!

Going the extra mile can be as simple or complex as:

So the next time you’re considering whether or not you want to uncover a possible better solution, don’t ponder the idea…just do it!

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