School starts here in South Florida next week which reminded me of Report Cards. It’s time for kids to get motivated to study hard and apply themselves to get the grade; a good grade. We all know why grades can matter. It shows that all of our hard work pays off when we get an “A” or a “B”. It can separate us from those who don’t work quite as hard or from those who just can’t make the grade. Some that no matter how hard they try they’ll never get good grades and these aren’t the ones that I’m referring to in this topic of conversation. I’m talking about those who have the ability to get good grades. What can good grades bring one? How about entrance into the University of your choice, Scholarships to Universities, the one chosen for that new job you desire, a pay raise, satisfaction, the list goes on an on.
Report Cards are issued in Real Estate too yet not in the traditional way in which we might think. What are some of the things that Real Estate Agents are graded on?

If you’re given an “A” or “B” in the above criteria it’s likely that you enjoy what you do and are successful in doing it. Are you motivated to get “the grade”? I know that I am! Perhaps we should have our customers grade us after each sale to see where we’re at and where we could approve. I welcome that in the form of a Testimonial Letter that I receive from my customers. Everybody grades each other as hey, they even grade our President!

So the next time you’re thinking about slacking in your job, remember that somebody might just be issuing you a Report Card




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