… as quoted by Henry David Thoreau.

We all like to think of ourselves as being wise and doing the right thing. What is it about life’s desperate times that throws our wisdom out the window?

Many are experiencing very trying times as unemployment rates increase. Here in Florida they’re approaching double digits. I bet the majority of us know someone affected by unemployment and being that our profession is Real Estate we all know how unemployment affects home ownership.

Many homeowners are doing all that they can to avoid foreclosure; they’ll try to get their loan modified and if that fails they’ll look to doing a Short Sale on their home. I’ve dealt with many a desperate homeowner who have reached out to me to help them in their times of trouble; they’re showing the characteristic of wisdom.

Then there are others that buckle under the stress and throw it all to the wind. Such is the case, when foreclosure is threatening. How many homes go into foreclosure because a homeowner just gives up? They don’t call their Lender, they don’t look for options and they just do desperate things. Why do so many suffer from this condition of falling prey to desperate measures? Too bad there isn’t a pill for wisdom. I imagine if there would be a pill our rates of foreclosure would be a lot less and we’d probably being seeing a lot more homes being sold as a Short Sale or loans being modified.

Why are we wiser when everything is going well for us?

If we experience enough desperate things in our lives do we eventually become wiser? Hhhmmm, is this what wisdom is all about? So when I tell my teenage son that wisdom comes with age, it really is a fact isn’t it? Or does it come by the number of desperate things that one must endure?

Too bad that deperate times bring so many to do desperate things.

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