I want to sell my home, what can I expect?

Expectations of the home selling process can frighten many homeowners from ever wanting to begin the process of selling their South Florida home. Why would that be, you ask? It’s likely that they’ve heard from their friends, from their neighbors, from their co-workers and from family members of such frightening home selling experiences. Is this the norm? No, it’s not the nor
m when a professional is representing you to sell your home. How do you take the “fright” out of home selling? 

  1. Find the right Real Estate Agents for the job.     For those that you’ve agreed to speak with, you can start by “googling” their name. You expect your home to be marketed well and any Real Estate Agent that you hire had better be great at marketing themselves because if they can’t market themselves how in the heck can they market your home for sale. Roughly 90% of Buyers start their home search over the Internet. Go ahead “google” away. (Google/Googling defined: to search the Internet for information about a person or thing.) You’ll want to see many entries of your prospective Real Estate Agent. Find out how many homes they sell each year. Selling only a few properties a year may not be the right Agent for you to get your home sold. What do their past customers say about their experience with the Real Estate Agent?  Read the testimonials on the Agent’s websites. Getting this right at the onset can quickly bring those frightening experiences to a screeching halt.
  2. Get your home ready to sell.  Fix any of the little things around the home that you’ve been meaning to take care; this shows that your home has been well maintained. Clean up your home. The days are gone where you can leave the dishes in the sink, leave beds unmade and dirty clothes piled high on the floor; you’re selling your home so you’ll be living there but, not really. Now, it will be as if you’re just visiting. What do you do when you’re visiting someone’s home? You clean up after yourself and keep things neat, don’t you? This is the mode of living you’ll now be experiencing. Also included here is making sure your home has everything in just the right spot; everything flows easily and is as appealing to the eye as possible. Even if you are experiencing financial difficulties you can still make your home look nice. Not sure how to get your home ready to sell then discuss it with your Agent.
  3. Price it right and they will come, Buyers that is.  The ratio of list price to selling price will tell you a lot about a Real Estate Agents rate of success in getting homes sold fast and of course, for the most money. There is a wrong and right way to price a home for sale, make sure your Real Estate Agent knows this. They will need to know what homes have sold in your neighborhood and what homes are currently for sale so that your home is positioned just right. Positioning correctly at a certain price point can make all the difference in the world in order to entice Buyers to buy your home.
  4. Cooperate with all parties by communicating promptly and courteously. In anything, this will always alleviate potential disasters. Reply to emails and/ or phone calls and return needed documents in a timely manner. Aiming to be cordial and cooperative from the beginning results in a much smoother Real Estate transaction.
  5. Lastly, stop listening to the horror stories from others. It’s pretty simple. Have someone working hard for you like I do for my customers so when you hear the horror story come your way you’ll be able to say: “I’m sorry you went through that however, selling my home was a pleasant experience”

Moving is stressful, not doubt, so if you follow these recommendations above, you can reduce the stress in your life and I’m sure anyone could use a little less stress in their life.

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