Hurricanes and Human Nature

As I remember watching  the weather reports wondering if our town of Coral Springs Florida will be spared from a Hurricane  moving towards us from the East, I think of of the interactions that occur between Hurricanes and Human Beings and the resulting display of human nature.

I’ve been through a few Hurricanes here in South Florida and it’s truly incredible what can happen to the human spirit after a storm hits leaving devastation. Within neighborhoods spanning across the city of Coral Springs you’ll find neighbors helping neighbors. The storms have taken away our power for days on end and we find ourselves in the streets helping neighbors clear up fallen debris and trees, sharing stories of the storm and finding out about the lives of our neighbors. You’ll find neighbors cooking up their once refrigerated meats on the grill inviting neighbors to share in the feast. There is such a sense of kindness and you really now have the opportunity to get to know your neighbor because without electricity there are no computers (no blogging – yikes!), no television, no radio, basically nothing to distract you other than a good book or early to bed. Then, like a FLASH IT’S GONE. We go inside, turn on air, the computer, the television, the lights and we’re back to being trapped in our homes not even knowing that a new neighbor just moved in down the street.

Why is this, do you think? What is it about human nature that allows us show such kindness one day and the next day we seem to have lost our way.  Technology is a great thing, but see how we’re missing out on getting to know the neighbors.  I guess it could be worse and when a disaster hit neighbors didn’t come together. So with disasters, good can come from it in the most unexpected ways. This is just one of the many reasons why living in the United States of America is the greatest place on planet Earth and –


Coral Springs Florida is a pretty fantastic place to call home too!

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