How much time do I have to move, once I sell my home?

To many who see this question raised, may wonder; Aren’t you putting the cart before the horse?  Yes, perhaps, but you’d be surprised how common this question is from a Home Seller, as it’s asked of me routinely, by my Home Sellers.  And that’s okay, as everybody wants to plan ahead to know what’s in store for them and what’s the anticipated timeline when they sell their home. Planning ahead is always recommended.

 Once you have decided to sell your home and have put your home on the market for sale, there’s no better time than the present to think about the move. It’s a good time to start going through cabinets and closets packing away items you’ll keep or getting rid of things that you no longer need instead of having to do it all at once. This might also be a good time to have a Garage sale or do you really needs those clothes you saved that you wore 10 years ago; if you haven’t worn them by now, what’s the chance that you’ll ever wear them again?! This is even more important if you’re downsizing. So start your packing now, so you won’t be forced to take what you really don’t want or need.

Once you have an executed Real Estate Purchase Contract, you’ll typically have from 30-45 days until the closing date, if the new Buyer is financing their home purchase or if they’re paying cash it could likely be less time until closing.  Of course, keep in mind, that a closing date can be negotiated and if you have a closing date in mind that suits your family’s need, you can always request a specific date.  As a Seller, in a Seller’s market, you do have a bit more negotiating ability, where Buyers are more eager to consider your needs, as a Seller, when the availability of homes are low as is, in a Seller’s Real Estate market.

The short and sweet of it is, that in today’s South Florida Real Estate market, if your home is priced well, presented well and you have made showing your home easy to prospective Buyers, you can anticipate receiving a Buyer’s offer pretty quick then, knowing that once you accept and execute the contract, the clock begins to tick towards move out date. So to eliminate the panic and additional stress that’s inherent in moving already, be sure to be a homeowner who plans for that move out date.

This article was written by by Lynn Pineda, your Coral Springs Realtor and South Florida REALTOR® with Keller Williams Partners Realty.

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