You and I both ought to be filling it to the brim. Whether its in our professional business or in our personal lives. I do know that I strive for filling it to the brim in my Real Estate business as that is what my customers expect and that is what I’m about. Are we perfect, no, but trying to do our best matters. How many of those that you deal with on a daily basis fill it to the brim? Imagine if we all did!

The idea for this post came to me today from our Pastors message at church today. He spoke of when a wedding in biblical times, John 2, had run out of wine and you just can’t run out of wine during those times, sounds pretty similar to today’s times too, doesn’t it?! Anyhow, they were sent to fill jugs with water by Jesus and not just small jugs but very large jugs which resulted in a laborious task to accomplish.  They could have easily just filled the water part of the way but they didn’t, they filled it to the brim and were blessed with these jugs of water turning to wine when they returned them. A small blessing perhaps, but nonetheless, a blessing and blessings come in all sizes.

Times are tough and many are struggling financially or many have even lost their jobs so I”m sure blessings would be welcome by all no matter what the problem may be big and small.  So remember the importance of filling it to the brim and you might just be blessed like you never imagined.

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