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Paint the town red, but not your home

 Real Estate Tips selling a home

When it’s time to sell a home, you want to be able to take a prospective Buyer’s breath away with the beauty of your home and not with the wrong paint color. This is a critically important Real Estate Tip when selling a home


Many of us love how color affects our mood, how color makes us feel. We paint our walls ripe red, passionate purple, juicy orange, royal blue, grassy green, sunshine yellow, bolden black and everything in between, however when it’s time to sell your home it’s time to take notice of the neutral muted shades as you try to appeal to the masses.  Remember selling homes is all about appealing to as many prospective Buyers as you can and the color tones I described above just won’t do it.  


If I’ve described you and your home, it’s time to run to your local Home Depot or Lowes or wherever it is you buy paint and pick up a neutral shade of color to paint your walls amassed with one of those dazzling colors from above.  Don’t worry, when you get moved to your new home you can, again, pick out the colors you truly love and paint your walls red, purple, black or any color you so adore! In the meantime,

Be sure to:


Turn down the color.


Muzzle the gasp from blazing colors.


Know that neutrals are notable.


You’ll then find a new Buyer for your home who can paint their new home any color they so desire – maybe they’ll even paint it red!


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