Real Estate Tip of the Day December 5, 2013



Don’t Use Your Fridge as a Bulletin Board When Selling a Home


You love little Jane’s cute drawing she drew in Kindergarten class today and hang it proudly on your refrigerator, but now that you’re Selling your home you’ll need to pack it away safely.


Make sure your Refrigerator’s exterior is shiny, bright and not being used as a bulletin board.


I do understand, as you should see my Refrigerator sometimes.  It can indeed be a very useful bulletin board at times. We hang our kids achievements, love notes, our grocery shopping lists, favorite photos, coupons and many more items. Yet, when it comes time to selling our homes, we have to put all those items away and clean up the fronts and sides of our Refrigerators.  And by the way, it can’t hurt to clean the inside either, as Buyers will look everywhere when they come to your home for a showing.


So yes, go ahead and remove your photos, notes, shopping lists and to do list from your Refrigerator front and sides.


Home Selling Real Estate TipsI often talk about the importance of having clutter free homes and the same holds true for your Refrigerator. Remember, that it’s all about showing prospective Buyers that your home is really special in that you have always cared for it keeping it neat and tidy.

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