Bathrooms and selling a home

Selling a home in an expeditious manner will largely be dependent upon how well you prepare your home, before putting it on the market for sale.

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Simple ways to get your bathroom ready

Second topic in Series 1 that’s all about getting your home ready to sell –  All things Bathroom.


Selling a home in an expeditious Sell home and bathroom prep manner will largely be dependent upon how you prepare your home when selling. If you’re not too crazy about the idea of having to do some work before selling your home, then you need to settle upon the fact that you’ll sell your home for less money. It’s true. No need to sugar coat it otherwise. However, if you choose to utilize my Real Estate home selling tips to spiff up your bathroom(s), you’ll be pocketing more money. 


So what about the bathrooms.



Look at your Bathroom – what do you see?

Pretend for just a moment that you’re a prospective home Buyer. If you were out searching for a home to buy and came across a bathroom in a home, what would be some of the things that you would find appealing, even if it wasn’t all about upgrades? Read below and tell me if it hits home with you on how to get your bathroom ready when selling a home.


Stand at your bathroom doorway – what do you see? Where are your eyes drawn, either pleasantly or not so pleasantly. That unsightly draw is a clear sign of what you’ll need to address. The pleasant draw is a good thing…carry on. 


There very well may be unsightly items that you’ve come so accustomed to that you hardly notice them any more. Like that cabinet door hinge that is loose or what about your loose toilet seat cover that is flailing in the wind; every time you sit down it’s like you’re getting ready to surf with the movement from left to right! Ha…tighten up those underside toilet seat cover bolts! Or how about the dirty A/C ceiling vent overhead? Get on your step stool and wipe it down. Don’t let a prospective home Buyer think that you neglect things in your home. A red flag for lack of maintenance.



What is on top of your countertops?


See that toothbrush and toothpaste laying out? You’ll want to make sure you store that away in your bathroom cabinet. Your countertops need to be free of anything other than a decorative piece or two.  Not sure what is decorative and looks good on your countertop, just ask me and I’ll make some recommendations in your bathroom. I’ve got a knack for interior design and decorating…yes, my skills expand beyond selling a home! 


This recommended minimalism on your bathroom countertops is critically important, especially when you’re selling a home with bathrooms that are on the small side.  You’ll want to make it appear that your bathrooms are as large as possible – cluttered tops display to prospective home Buyers that your bathrooms aren’t large enough for your bathroom storage.  


What’s in your cabinets? 


Now is the time to clean and organize the inside of your cabinets. Have you been lacking in storage over the years? If so, don’t let the Buyer know that – clean out the things you’re not using every day and make room or space. Cabinets stacked full is a turn off to Buyers and they will open your cabinets to see. They want to know that your cabinets provide space for their things.



What is the condition of your shower and/or bathtub?


Missing grout or moldy grout? If you’re not handy, hire a handyman to replace any missing grout or grout that is less than attractive.  You’d be amazed at how prospective home Buyers will knock dollars off their purchase offer for seeing visually disturbing grout areas. Don’t give them an opportunity to reduce their offer.  Plus a bathroom that appears to have been well cared for will bring in a higher purchase price, as the Buyer thinks you must have been caring for your whole house. 



What about your faucets?


Unless you have recently replaced your bathroom sink faucet, consider replacing it with a new fixture. A hands free one would be particularly welcome, especially in light of our nations focus on cleanliness to avoid viruses. Smart technology makes hands free brilliant and appealing to those Buyers who demand smart technology. They do tend to be a bit pricier, so if not in your budget a “hands on” faucet will work too!



Shower doors and curtains


Now is the time to remove the soap scum from your shower door or replace any worn shower curtain.


Once you bring your glass shower door up to par, invest in a squeegee to clean your doors after every shower you take thereafter. You’d be amazed at how well they work to keep your door brilliantly clean! I’ll never forget when I had invested in one of them – love it!



Overall bathroom quick fixes:

Getting your bathroom ready when selling a home


Making a bathroom pop with cleanliness and fresh color will woo a Buyer.


  • Paint the walls a fresh coat of paint to cover up the water marks that have been splashing and then drying on the wall.


  • Replace your wall mirror if it has seen better days.


  • Make sure you have lightbulbs in all of your light fixtures or replace fixtures if it too has seen better days.


  • Put out clean, fresh towels – a new, white set is even better!


  • Get that floor tile grout clean – try baking soda, peroxide and a toothbrush.


  • Get out the cleaners and scrub to your heart’s content to reveal brightness you might not have seen in a while. Sparkle and shine is the goal in your bathroom.


  • And last but not least, ALWAYS keep your toilet lid in the down position when trying to sell a home – most importantly when you’re having photos taken to display for the world to see.






Does your budget allow for greater remodeling in your bathroom?


If so, it would be a great time to remodel your bathroom bringing it up to a buyer’s expectations. Bathrooms are rooms in a home that do matter and do indeed sell homes, where they truly add to a home’s value when remodeling.


Read the articles below to help you with your budget, chose of a contractor, features to consider, trends and a whole lot more: 


Remodeling a Bathroom

Bathroom Trends



Wrap Up


Second to the kitchen, bathrooms can be a make or break factor when selling your home. Pay close attention to the tips discussed above, so you can be sure to make the most money you can when it’s time to sell a home. 


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