Selling a home – what should you do?


What do you really need to focus on before attempting to sell a home? In today’s quick read, I dig into 3 critical things that you really need to scrutinize if you want to have any type of success with selling a home.  These things matter. Don’t skip over them. See that they get accomplished…you’ll be pleased with the results.

What should you do before you sell a home?So what matters exactly, you’re wondering?


Scrutinize the Real Estate Agent you’ll hire


Right off the back, before you hire a Real Estate Agent you’re going to want to “Google” them. To “Google” is a verb. The act of searching for information on someone or something over the internet via the search engine Google.


“Google the Real Estate Agent  you’re considering to sell your home”


This will allow you to see who is well-adept at marketing themselves over the internet.  The Agent you hire must be an expert in digital marketing; if they can’t market themselves how will they ever be able to market your home for sale? Particularly, since the vast majority of home Buyers begin their home search online, over the internet, you want to make sure the Agent you hire knows how to get your home seen by prospective home Buyers.


A Real Estate Agent who is an expert at maneuvering online, along with navigating Social Media platforms for maximum exposure, will be the Agent best suited to get your home sold when you couple that with experience, the right skill set, a proven track record and customer reviews that glorify the way in which the Agent exceeded everything the customer could ever imagine from a Real Estate Agent.


Scrutinize your home’s curb appeal


Walk to the street and take a look at your home from the curb – what do you see? For this exercise, look at your home through the lens of a prospective home Buyer. Do you see a welcoming exterior that has been thoroughly cleaned of dirt, insects and grime removing any traces of the elements?


Walk to the street and take a look at your home from the curb – what do you see?


How about your roof, gutters and fascia boards – are they all clean and in good shape free of any dirt, damage or falling apart? If these items show signs of seeing better days, then now is the time to clean your roof, fix your gutters and remove any rotting wood or insect damage from your fascia boards.


Look at the paint on your home. When you live in your home for years on end, you can grow accustomed to dull, lifeless, chipping paint. Blistering sun along with wind and rain can really do a number on your home’s painted exterior. If you’re seeing dingy paint, now may be the time to add a fresh coat of paint to brighten your home’s exterior walls. And, don’t forget the front door!


What about your landscaping? Have you trimmed your trees, bushes and hedges, garden beds and cut your grass? Do you see any overgrown weeds that don’t belong? How about the garden beds – are they in need of a fresh layer of mulch? Your landscaping is all about removing the dead and adding some brightly colored florals and greens that will welcome a home Buyer inside your home.


Know that any of these items that need to be addressed will certainly be noticed by home Buyers considering buying a home. Don’t let them want to skip your home, particularly when your home’s inside is so amazing.


Scrutinize your home's interior

Scrutinize your home’s interior


Now that you’ve viewed your home as a prospective home Buyer on the outside, move inside to discover what you see still in prospective home Buyer mode.


What about all of those little things that you’ve been meaning to take care of in your home? Are they suddenly staring you in the face making you wonder how this home was cared for day in and day out?


Do you see dust on hard to reach spots, such as ceiling fan blades and air conditioning vents? If you do, be sure to clean those up.


Do you see scuff marks on walls or dents in the walls from that last time you were trying to move out an oversized piece of furniture and cut a corner too close? You do? Then you need to paint and/or patch the walls.


Remember those loose cabinet hinges, or outlet plates and squeaky doors? Oh, yes you do…time to fix those items too.


Never, ever let prospective home Buyers think you haven’t been caring for your home


Does it seem that your sinks, tubs and toilets all seem to be filled with stains from water leaks or just everyday use? If so, get the product with your trip to Home Depot, that can repair the leaks and remove the stains.


These are all examples of the little things inside your home that can really shout to a home Buyer that you haven’t been keeping up with the maintenance of your home.  Never, ever let prospective home Buyers think you haven’t been caring for your home as that is the fastest way to a price reduction when the only thing you’ve had on your mind is to sell your home fast and for the most money. Read here in my Real Estate article; How can I sell my home fast?, where you’ll find out more on getting a home sold.



Wrap Up


Be sure to scrutinize these 3 things and you’ll be well on your way to home closing day, while moving on to experience the next adventures in your life – more wonderful memories to experience that will last a lifetime in a new home.


Today’s article, “3 Things to Scrutinize before Selling a home” was written by Lynn Pineda a licensed Southeast Florida Real Estate Agent serving many Florida cities from Coral Springs to Boca Raton and surrounding cities. Lynn has been selling homes since 2005 delivering on her Real Estate promises with eXp Realty . Discover more about Lynn at her website or call/text her at 954-464-1100 or email her at


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