My home’s worth and value.


When selling your home, one of the first things you want to know is how much your home is worth. What are you going to be able to sell your home for in today’s Real Estate market. Analyzing your local Real Estate market really is key. Whether we’re in a Seller’s market, a Balanced market or a Buyer’s market will guide you with your home’s value.

Getting the most money for your home is paramount, I get that and have been able to successfully get my Seller’s the most money for their homes routinely when selling. How I do that requires a careful market analysis in reviewing all nearby recent sales, any homes that are currently under contract and then also, taking a look at homes that are actively for sale. Comparing apples to apples so to speak, just as a Real Estate Appraiser would and making any needed adjustments.

It starts with you telling me about your home below. All the details matter. Exactly why Zillow and other public Real Estate websites aren’t able to provide an accurate home value, because they couldn’t possibly know all the details about your home. For example, does Zillow know that you just installed hurricane proof windows to your home?!


My home's value

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What is my home worth?


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