Sell my homeWhen selling a home you should know that the Realtor you hire has your best interests in mind and is committed to delivering on their Real Estate promises. I do just that – I’m happy to help you!

Having an experienced, top, local Realtor working hard for you, employing leading-edge marketing moves, that include the smart use of modern technology and social media strategies makes all the difference between getting a home sold or simply listing a home for sale: the difference that is needed to sell your home fast and for the most money.

The modern technology use and social media strategies touched on above, along with zeroing in on the latest in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques, will ensure your home is seen by home Buyers searching for the just-right home to buy. Did you know that over 92% of home Buyers start their home search online, over the internet? It’s true. This is why what I do, with utilizing skillful SEO techniques, will get your home seen over the world wide web. We must reach qualified Buyers looking for homes to buy. My reach is global due to advanced SEO techniques employed.


What can you count on?

You’ll know what to expect when selling a home; we’ll discuss all the steps of selling a home, so you’ll be able to anticipate each step ahead of time.

I sell homes fast and for top dollar.

You’ll have a Real Estate professional who has experience in getting the job done; routinely selling homes fast and at a high list price to sales price ratio. Both completed at higher ratios and faster than the average Real Estate Agent.

Interpret the current Real Estate Market so you know how best to sell your home.

Selling homes and not simply listing homes is what I do. Homes I list for sale do not linger on the market only to expire or never sell. I sell my customer’s homes.

Your home will get listed for sale quickly and will immediately be seen by Buyers searching for homes just like yours with my extensive online internet exposure of your home; where over 92% of Buyers are searching for homes.

I know you want to be heard and I want you to know that you will be able to reach me when you need me.  I’m always just a phone call, text or email away.  When you need me, you’ll know you can reach me, usually right away and if not right away, I’ll promptly get back to you.  Just ask my prior customers.  In fact, they’re always amazed at the prompt attention that I have provided.



What are the steps to selling a home?


Home preparation advice

Getting your home ready to sell is extremely important.  When I meet with you at your home, we’ll tour your home to determine what you can do to get your home in the best home selling condition.  I’ll begin by recommending fixing those minor things that you’ve been meaning to do or perhaps you just didn’t notice those little needed repairs; it’s often easy to overlook the things in our homes that we live with day in and day out.  If you have a budget for making updates to your home, if needed, we’ll discuss what can make a difference in getting your home sold. If no budget exists, that’s fine, we can still make your home magical with a few recommendations for staging your home for maximum appeal. Perhaps of utmost importance is when we discuss making sure your home is sparkling clean and clutter free; this is the most important step in home preparation.


Setting the right list price

The right list price will make all the difference in getting your home sold fast and for the most money. Know that the price you set, right out of the gate is critical to gaining the attention of the most qualified Buyers. When a home first hits the market for sale during the first few weeks is when you’ll find that your home’s appeal has the broadest reach.

I will present to you the most recent comparable home sales, homes under contract, yet not closed and homes actively for sale that are located in close proximity to your home and how they compare to your home.

We’ll be looking at your home’s features and how they compare to others. What is the condition of your home? What upgrades does your home have or doesn’t have, compared to others? Where is your home located, compared to others? Is your home on a waterway, golf course, private lot or does it back up to a busy road or not so private lot? What school district is your home located in?

Reviewing your neighborhood area price points and absorption rates, will determine your home’s ideal list price as determined from the comparable homes as noted above.  You’ll find that I’ve had great success in getting my homeowners home’s sold and at a high list price to sales price ratio.  I sell homes and do not simply list homes.  I do not simply take a listing at any price and later complete price reductions, also know as “buying a listing”.  You can rest assure that my experience will guide you to price your home at a fair market value; the value in which a Buyer will pay for your home.  Be sure to ask my prior customers.


High quality photos and videos

High quality, professionally taken photos and high quality professionally taken video that includes drone aerial photos/video, and Matterport 3D Videos that allow a prospective home Buyer to “walk” your home without actually being there; these are some of the things of what you can anticipate from me when viewing your home’s online presentation on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and multiple websites and social media platforms across the world wide web. Your home gets noticed. This is what will matter when you want to get your home noticed; resulting in top dollar and quicker sales.

When Buyers are searching for homes for sale, you want the Buyers to be immediately drawn in to your home and there is no better way to accomplish this than by having high quality photos and videos.

I’m always amazed by the homeowner’s homes that I run across that are listed for sale and have very few photos of their home or simply terrible photos of their home.  These homeowners likely have no idea of how poorly their home is being marketed and wonder why it’s taking so long to sell their home.  Buyers will skip right over homes with few photos or poor photos.

I will always showcase my Sellers homes in the best light with the maximum number of photos allowed on the MLS and all other web sites.  In fact, my Sellers often fall in love with their home all over again once I show them their home’s photos and videos.


Maximum market exposure

To remind you as discussed above, over 92% of home Buyers start their home search online over the internet.  With statistics like this, it’s critical that your home is marketed with a maximum exposure over the internet.  You want these home searching Buyers to see your home. I make sure your home is seen by these qualified Buyers.

First of all, you’ll want to make sure I’m capable of marketing myself; if I can’t market myself, how on earth would I ever have a clue on how to market your home for sale?  Do a quick check by simply “googling” any Realtor’s name you’re considering hiring. Go ahead and “google” my name, Lynn Pineda.  You find pages of sites where you’ll find me talking Real Estate; it’s what I love to do, talk Real Estate!

You’ll find your home marketed and syndicated to all of the major Real Estate portals such as the well known sites of Zillow, Trulia and, just to name a few. In addition, you’ll find your home’s listing on the many sites and social media platforms that I’m active on, in addition to my site here, such as the below, to name a few:


Imagine Your House on Facebook

Lynn Pineda on YouTube

Lynn Pineda on Pinterest

Lynn Pineda on Twitter

and more!

Plus, the power behind eXp Realty and it’s syndicating reach across the web.


Constant communication

One of the most common complaints made by a home Seller is that their Realtor didn’t communicate with them.  You won’t find that with me!  This is one of the first things that my prior customers will tell you that they loved about me.  I keep my customers advised of what’s going on with the selling of their home and when they need to get a hold of me, they know that they can reach me right away and when not immediately available, always within the same day. They call me and usually within an hour of calling me/emailing me/texting me I’ll be back to you.


Assurance of Buyer’s financing ability

Any prospective Buyer for your home must be financially able to afford to buy your home.  I’ll make sure that a Buyer submitting a Real Estate purchase contract to buy your home will have a solid pre approval from a mortgage Lender. Of course, we can not be 100% guaranteed that a Buyer will gain a loan commitment, however it’s best to start off knowing that the chances are great for a final loan approval. Buyers must be able to provide the assurance that their credit, income and assets have been reviewed that indicates the likelihood of being well qualified to secure a loan.


Effective negotiation skills

Selling a home timely and for top dollar also requires effective negotiation skills. It involves reaching an agreement between all parties to the home selling transaction that results in a favorable outcome for you as the home Seller. It involves utilizing the power of persuasion, knowing the interests of the parties, effective listening, preparing for the negotiation, keeping emotions in check and promoting trust.


Guide transaction to a successful closing

Ensuring all parties thoroughness is critical.  I will make sure that all the “t’s” are crossed  and all the “i’s” are dotted from the moment a Buyer’s offer is presented to you to buy your home. Making sure all timelines are kept; from the Buyer’s escrow deposit, financing commitment, terms and timelines of contract, inspections and appraisals, right through to the final settlement statement and ultimate closing, I’ll be scrutinizing that all steps are met and all terms are accurate and acceptable to you as the home Seller.

Guide to selling a home



Contact for Listing Consultation

Contact Lynn Pineda for a confidential Listing consultation if you’re considering selling your home here in Southeast Florida. Call/Text at 954-464-1100 or email at

Selling a home is likely one of the biggest decisions that a homeowner can make and you want to make sure you get it right from day one. Selling a home doesn’t have to be a laboring process. If you have a Real Estate Agent professional with a track record of success who knows how to advise on home preparation, pricing your home, promoting your home and gets homes sold fast and for top dollar, then you’re well on your way to welcoming that moving truck to your front door on moving day.

Where is your home located that you need to sell? Is your home located in Broward county within the cities of Coral Springs, Parkland, Coconut Creek, Margate, Sunrise,Tamarac, or in a surrounding city within Broward county? Or perhaps you’re located in Palm Beach county within the cities of Boca Raton, Delray Beach to Boynton Beach. Broward and south Palm Beach county is where I sell homes.

You will find that I work very hard for my Sellers and my customers will attest to this fact! Please be sure to browse through a few of my customer’s reviews on the “About” page here on my site.

I value my customers and the trust that they have in me to get their home sold. I’ve always been a committed customer advocate throughout my entire business career and your voice of satisfaction after the closing of your home sale is the greatest gift I can ever receive in my Real Estate business. You will always know that I will deliver on my Real Estate promises; if I said it, rest assured, I’ll deliver.

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