How long does it take to sell a home in Coral Springs?


One of the first questions that a homeowner asks is:


How long it will take to sell their home? Knowing timelines are important, as most people like to plan and when selling a home there is indeed a lot of planning that goes on by an anxious Seller.


There are many things that go into determining how long it will take to sell your home that you’ve likely heard again and again that include such things, as the list price, your home’s location, your home’s presentation, the Real Estate Agent representing you and your local Real Estate market.  The measurement of this is determined by the Absorption Rate. Absorption Rates can and will fluctuate. In Coral Springs, where it continues to be a Seller’s Market, yet we are seeing a trend of it taking a bit longer to sell a home than it did back in the summer as absorption rates creep back up.  Again, I do want to emphasize that taking 3.40 months to sell a home is still favorable for a Seller. Here in Coral Springs Florida the current Absorption Rate is about 3.40%.  Absorption Rates can be determined by cities and even by individual neighborhoods and all will vary. One sought after, popular neighborhood will likely have lower absorption rates while neglected neighborhoods will indicate higher rates where a homeowner can anticipate that selling their home will take longer than a more popular neighborhood.  Wondering the absorption rate of your neighborhood? Call me, and I’ll let you know 954-464-1100.  Here is the current Absorption rate of Coral Springs Florida shown below:

How long does it take to sell a home in Coral Springs?

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