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Single Family Home sales in Coral Springs Florida


Find out about the Coral Springs FL Real Estate Market in this monthly publication on home sales in Coral Springs Florida. How were home sales in Coral Spring during May 2017?


Home Sales in Coral Springs FL May 2017

In today’s monthly market report we’ll uncover the following:



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Today’s report is for May 2017. Let’s find out about home sales in Coral Springs.


The particulars:


129 homes were sold in Coral Springs during the month of May which is a nice increase from April’s home sales of 110.


Coral Springs Real Estate Market Summary for May  2017, in comparison:

Home Prices in Coral Springs – at a glance



Absorption Rates And Inventory Supply Reported In Coral Springs FL


How many homes are available for sale to meet the demand of Buyers? How many months would it take to sell the current inventory of homes for sale should no other homes hit the market for sale in Coral Springs, based upon prior month home sales and how homes listed for sale are absorbed (sold)?


35.52% is the current absorption rate for May, which signaled even brisker sales during May in comparison to the prior month of April. In addition, the inventory supply lessened down to 2.81 months of available homes for sale in Coral Springs. This means that should no other homes come to market, the current inventory of homes will be sold within 2.81 months! Yes, as you’re likely thinking, that’s fast! Home sales in Coral Springs continue to reflect a Seller’s market.


Absorption rates measure the rate in which the current inventory supply will be absorbed into the market based upon prior months of home sales, which will determine whether we’re in a Seller’s, Buyer’s or Balanced/Stable market.


Typically, absorption rates of 20% and higher reflect a Seller’s Market and 15% and under reflect a Buyer’s market, while a Balanced market hovers in between the two.

Also, when there is less than a 6 months of inventory supply we’re in a Seller’s Market, 6 months of inventory supply we’re in a Balanced/Stable market and over 6 months inventory supply of homes reflects a Buyer’s market.


The absorption rate I report here is for all of Coral Springs, however, keep in mind that absorption rates can vary by neighborhood and will vary by city also.  When selling a home, it’s important to know your neighborhood absorption rate for a number of reasons, including knowing how to best position your home for sale.


Call me/text me now or email me, and I can tell you your local neighborhood absorption rate so you know how to best position your Coral Springs home for sale.


Distressed Property Sales  (includes Short Sales and REO/Lender/Bank owned) remained under 11% during May. This reflects another month of lower numbers for


If you’re a distressed homeowner and foreclosure seems to be closing in on you, read my article here: Find out how to avoid it.


 Historical Homes Sales Data for Coral Springs


Neighborhoods selling in Coral Springs Florida


The neighborhood of Ramblewood sold the most homes in Coral Springs during May with having sold 13 homes. Not too far behind were 9 homes sold in the neighborhoods of Cypress Run and Pine Ridge.  If you’re relocating to Coral Springs, perhaps one of these top selling neighborhoods would be just right for you.


More about selling your home in Coral Springs


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Coral Springs FL Real Estate Market Report for May 2017 written by your neighborhood Coral Springs Realtor, Lynn Pineda with Keller Williams Realty Coral Springs. Based upon local MLS Statistical findings. Accuracy is not guaranteed. Top Coral Springs REALTOR® provided. Real Estate Agent delivering on promises.

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