Selling a home in Coral Springs – What sold in your neighborhood during April 2011?

Coral Springs Single Family Home sales in April 2011

Coral Springs home sales declined this month as we dropped to 69 homes sold compared to last months home sales of 74. Of these Coral Springs homes listed for sale below, just over 18% of them sold as a Short Sale, which is pretty much in line from last month. Whereas, just over 20% of the homes sold were sold as REO/Bank owned which is a drop from last month. Just over 39% of homes sold in Coral Springs were distressed properties during April 2011; this is a decline from last month yet it still indicates that distressed properties on the market are still competing with non-distressed Sellers selling their homes in Coral Springs which continues to keep prices down.

What neighborhoods in Coral Springs Florida had the most sales?

If you’re selling your home in Coral Springs take a look at what neighborhoods had home sales. The neighborhoods of Coral Springs Country Club really blew it out of the park this month with 8 homes sold; that warrants further details showing sales prices between $167,000 – $375,000. Other Coral Springs homes sold were in Ramblewood having sold 5 homes along with the community of Coral Creek having sold 4 home. Cypress Run, Pine Ridge and Wyndham Lakes were next having sold 3 homes. Hidden Hammocks/Oakbrook and Royal Land/Coventry sold 2 homes. New home Buyers in Coral Springs also found homes in Eagle Trace, Cypress Glen, Forest Hills, Maplewood, North Springs, Lenox Isles, Shadowwood, The Isles and Whispering Woods.

For those of you selling a house in Coral Springs, you’ll see below that Coral Springs homes for sale that were sold during April had significant sales again this month in the $250,000 – $299,999 price point and sales in the higher price points continues this month. When pricing your home for sale these price points can tell you where there is a lot of Buyers looking in a particular range and willing to pay that price thereby increasing the chance of your home being sold. During March and now April, we continue to see a break out above the heavily populated range of $250,000 – $299,999.

Price Range                    Quantity

$149,999 or under              4
$150,000 -$199,999           11
$200,000 -$249,999          18
$250,000 -$299,999          20
$300,000 -$349,999          7
$350,000 -$399,999           1
$400,000 -$449,999          5
$450,000 -$499,999          1
$500,000 -$549,999          0
$550,000 -$599,999          0
$600,000 -$699,999          0
$700,000 -$799,999          1
$800,000 -$899,999          1
$900,000 -$999,999          0
$1,000,000 or over            0

Total                                    69

Summary             List Price       Sale Price
High                      $899,000      $800,000
Low                       $99,900         $92,000
Average                 $286,319       $268,240
Median                  $255,000       $265,000

Days on the Market review

                                        0-30 Days     31-60 Days    61-90 Days    91-120 Days     120+ Days

No. of Listings                    20                    15                    10                 8                           16

Breakdown %                    28.99%           21.74%          14.49%       11.59%                  23.19%

Avg % SP/LP*                      91.51%         95.22%          97.35%       96.19%                  95.49%

* This column will tell you what the single family home sold for as a percentage of the List price. The higher the percentage indicates that the home sold for closer to its List price. (Sale Price to List Price)



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