When is the best time to sell your South Florida home? This is a common question that I get from a lot of Coral Springs and South Florida homeowners. Although I’ve never been big on trying to “time” the market whether it’s Real Estate or the stock market, you’ll find that many homeowners will put their homes up for sale as their kids are getting ready to finish the school year out which typically is during the month of June. Parents really don’t like to move their kids in the middle of a school year.

The summer months also allow homeowners the opportunity to spruce up their homes to get them ready to sell as a spruced up home will sell better than one not spruced up as the garden blooms during summer. Even though Floridians will have year round warmth, believe it or not, the summer does allow for the greens to be greener and the flowers to bloom brighter which is an added value when you’re trying to sell your Coral Springs home or any South Florida home.

With this in mind, as more homeowners will put their home on the market during the summer this also means you’ve just increased your competition as the neighbor down the street may have the exact plan in mind as you.

So to answer your question? The best time to sell your home isn’t really cast in stone as the best time is when there are Buyers knocking on your door to consider buying your home. Right now, with interest rates below 4%, I’d say now is a pretty good time to sell your home if selling your home is in your plans

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