Selling a home in Coral Springs should be a Rockin’ Real Estate Experience. Whether you’re selling home as a Short Sale or selling home as a Traditional Sale, it should be an awesome experience. Sure we have all heard of horror stories in South Florida Real Estate yet that should be the exception, not the norm.


What makes for a good selling experience?

Here are the Top 10 tips for selling a home:

  1.  First, you have to have a Realtor that is on your side whether you need a Short Sale Realtor or a Traditional Realtor. Please know that each must have certain skill sets
  2.  Get your home ready to sell. This will include making any needed repairs if your finances allow.
  3.  Get your home’s curb appeal in top notch shape as you want to grab the Buyer at the curb
  4.  Now after you’ve gotten your home all freshened up, you want to make sure you have Photos galore…not just a few. My South Florida Real Estate MLS Board allows 25 photos so you’ll have 25 photos and most other sites where your home will also be marketed will easily accept 20+ photos also. Buyers want to see Photos; without high quality photos and a lot of them, Buyers will pass by your home.
  5.  Make sure that your home has a Google bonanza on line. In other words, make sure your Realtor has a strong Internet marketing campaign for your home. Start by “Googling” your Realtors name before you hire he or she. You want to make sure that they have marketing skills which starts with them being able to market themselves.
  6.  Communication will be key during the time you’re selling your home so make sure that you respond to your Realtors requests and vice versa.
  7.  Make sure that it is clear what you are leaving with the home and what is going; such as your favorite dining room light fixture that you brought home from Italy.
  8.  Continue to care for your home even after a Buyer’s offer has come, as the Buyer will expect your home to be in the same condition as when they presented an offer.
  9.  Plan for your move; know where and when you’ll be going and how you’re going to get there.
  10.   Celebrate when you make it to the closing table when the Buyer has received their loan and you pass over your keys to them.

So you can see…Selling a home in Coral Springs and South Florida can be a Rockin’ experience if you just follow the tips above. Preparation is always key when you start out on any endeavor. Happy Selling!



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