If you travel throughout the city of Coral Springs you will find beautiful art on display for residents and visitors to enjoy. You can see one of those art pieces here in this blog post.

The City of Coral Springs is looking for a new Artist who can create a new art piece to be on permanent display in the city.

What is the city looking for in this art piece?

1. This new art piece should reflect Coral Spring’s community of being a premier place to live, work and play as a young, family-oriented city.

2. In addition to it’s premier status, the art piece should pay tribute to the celebration of the city’s 50th Anniversary that is representative of it being a young, family oriented city.

The proposed location of the new art piece will be at the east entrance on Atlantic Blvd. The proposed budget is $75,000 which does not come from taxpayers dollars***

The Public Art Program of the city is requesting concept proposals, due September 1st 2012, which  can come from either an individual Artist or a team of Artists. Call to Artists 50th Anniverysary Project specifics can be viewed here.

***Established in 2003, the Public Art Program financing comes from a fee charged to developers who have projects larger than 12,500 square feet.

For any questions or concerns, please contact Laura Atria at 954-344-1114 or by e-mail at latria@coralsprings.org.

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